Liebster Award!

I am proud to announce that my blog has received its first award ever: a Liebster Award!  Heck yeah! 

My nomination comes from Idyllwild Designs.  Thank you so so much!!!  If you have some time, definitely check out this blog.  They have a store opening happening at the end of this month!  I do like vintage items and I can’t wait to take a peek.

Anyway, I have seen this award given to other bloggers, but I was never privy to its meaning and origin.

I’ve visited other bloggers who have tried as well.  The origin of this award is quite elusive

From what I’m gathering, the Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers.  It’s a great way to get to know each other, and other bloggers as well.  Fun right?  Who doesn’t want to know more about me?

One thing I did learn is that the rules have evolved over time.  The oldest blog post I read had the nominee mentioning 5 other bloggers.  And that was it.

Another post said that you answer 10 questions, and provide 10 questions for the 10 that you nominate.


Anyway, I will play along with the rules that were given to me: 

My Questions from Idyllwild Designs:
– Sailboat or Cruise Ship?
Oh boy, someone hand me a Dramamine.  I have the worst motion sickness in all of humanity. (Read about it here)  I can make myself car sick WHEN I DRIVE.  Easily.  If I must pick though, I would say a cruise ship.  They seem more stable.  Less motion in the ocean.  

– Sky diving or Scuba diving?

I have always wanted to try sky diving!  I’m sure the plane ride would do me in though.

– What is your favorite TV Show?

Right now, I love “Game of Thrones.”  I’m not up-to-date on the latest season (which I think is airing now) but it’s my way of winding down with Big D once the kids are asleep.

– What time of day are you most productive?

I think that the mornings are my most productive.  I am a morning person by nature.  I welcome my to-do list with open arms.  Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than crossing off items on a list, especially if I can compete it before lunch time.

– When you where a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist or a police woman.  Two very different careers, but that’s what is so great about being a kid.  So random.  An artist I can understand, but I honestly don’t remember how I came about wanting to become a police officer in the first grade.   

– Vodka, gin, rum or wine?

Wine!  Make it red, please.

– If you have a job other than blogging, What do you do in real life?

I am currently at a fork in the road, needing to make big life decisions about school.  I’d love to make my blog a job though!

– What inspired the name of your blog?

I actually had like 4 different blog names. The previous ones were inspired by baking and cooking.  Because that is not my only niche, I wanted something to represent my other interests.  I’m a self-taught DIY-er, who loves all things crafty and creative.  I create just to create; there is nothing fancy, I’m just having fun.  Still like to bake and cook too, evening everything else out.  So, hence the name Simply D Constructed: There’s nothing fancy about it.

– If you were an animal what type of animal would you be?

I have no idea.  A honey badger.  They are fearless.  And they can eat snakes.  (see Honey Badger video

– What is your favorite flavor of cake or cookie?

For cake, I’d have to say vanilla.  Cookie would have to be sugar cookie.  I know that’s not a flavor but I absolutely go gaga over homemade sugar cookies.  

– What is the strangest job you’ve ever had?

Telemarketing for a chimney sweeping company.  Our boss was this young guy who tried the dorkiest ways to motivate us to sell their chimney cleaning services.  One time he bribed us with lunch.  There were only two employees: my friend and myself.  I think we applied together.  They ended up closing down soon after I quit.

– If you had one gift to give the world what would it be?

Hmm…my awesome skills in the kitchen.  (so I think)  I’d feed the hungry, one 13×9 pan and crock pot meal at a time.

1.  I can’t brush my teeth right away, after the last bite of my meal.
2.  I lived in Costa Rica for 6 weeks, with a family who spoke not one word of English and I spoke not one word of Spanish.  Imagine my troubles.  

El Escape Caribeno

<El Escape Caribeno – a resort where I spent one of my free weekends visiting, on the Caribbean side.

Below is a pic of where I attended school to learn Spanish

3.  I came very close to being lunch meat when I happened upon a Kodiak momma bear and her two cubs, while four-wheeling in Alaska.
4.  I have not put colored nail polish on my nails since before I joined the military, nearly 14 years ago.  I’m a little bit ashamed.  Haha. 

5.  I discovered camels and giraffes in North Carolina. 


6.  I am a firm believer that I will eventually find some use out of the random pictures that I take.


7.  The very first movie I remember going to was An American Tail.
8.  Squishing bugs bigger than a quarter is nearly impossible for me.  Hate to hear the crunch, and I fear it may chase after me should I miss.
9.  I have never watched “Pulp Fiction” all the way through.
10. I love office supplies!
11.  I have 10 tattoos and I can’t wait to get more.

I wasn’t quite sure how to select nominees based on their following.  There was no proverbial wheel to not reinvent, so I invented one.  

Bloglovin is the site I use to read all of my favorite blogs.  The nominees I selected have less than 200 followers on the site (check them out, give them a follow!)
And now, for my nominees:

My questions for those mentioned are below.  Feel free to include pics!
1.  What is the bravest thing you have ever done?
2.  Favorite pair of shoes?
3.  Ultimate dessert?
4.  What is your favorite post that you have ever written?
5.  Truth or dare?
6.  How did you come up with your blog name?
7.  You’re being sent on a surprise vacation with some of your friends, and are told to pack only 3 items.  What do you take and why?
8.  If you could try any sport, what would it be?
9.  What is on your background when you log onto your computer?
10.  Coolest blogger moment of all time?
11.  Biggest pet peeve?

Thanks for reading! 


6 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. What a fun post!! I love the extra pics you posted when answering your questions, that should def be the way to go, I mean a pic can definitely paint someone a picture! …..ah and yes, CONGRATS is in order! Hooray to you and this awesome blog of yours!! ������ Go get 'em ��!! [Ummm, that IS a tiger right?!?! Boy would I feel ��ish if it weren't! Haha! All these pics of �� & talk of ����!


  2. Thanks for the nomination. I appreciate you thinking of me. American Tale is the first movie I remember seeing too. It would be interesting to watch it again as an adult.


  3. Yeah, your emoticons sure did not work. 😦 But I'm using my imagination! LOL! Pictures are awesome. I love to add them when I can, and make them as origianl as possible. BTW I need more with you. I'm thinking of doing a character casting of my blog, and since I reference you a lot, I will need some face shots. 😀


  4. Congratulations!! You had FOUR blogs? That is so much work and OMG AT COMING HEAD TO HEAD WITH A BEAR AND CUBS! Not sure how you survived but good job lol! I have way too many random photos too-yet I cant seem to part with them. One day they'll be used..if I can remember I have them. Thanks for the nomination! I'll get to answering some time this week..YAY! ps. WHOA! 14 years without nail polish is very impressive. I dont think I would ever use it again, I mean- you've gone 14 years already, cant break the record for nothin!


  5. Hi! And thank you very much. No I didn't have 4 blogs, just 4 different names for this one. Haha, I don't know how one could have more than one, but I know some bloggers do! I was first in line on the trail and that was SO scary when the bear incident happened. I hit the front brakes and thought I was going over my handle bars for sure. I'm glad I'm not the only one who simply cannot delete pictures. I honestly wasn't going for calling it quits on the nail polish. In the military, we can't have color, except natural colors like a nude? I wear loud colors on my toes) so I thought “Fine, I won't use ANY then” And I can't bring myself to put polish on my fingers to this day. Ho-hum….

    I hope you have a great day! And thank you so much for your awesome comment!


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