10 Favorite Things About Being A Blogger

I started blogging back in January of 2011, and writing that first post was the hardest thing I’ve ever done as a blogger.  When I hit publish, I guess I expected to get a crazy amount of hits.  Honestly, I thought I was going to cook and bake my way up to the major leagues of blogging.  Don’t things happen fast on the internet???

And… all I heard was crickets.

I am laughing now.   

Who would have thought that there was more to blogging than writing beautiful posts and hitting Publish?  

Since 2011, I have been trying my best to be more diligent with posting content on here.  EMT school got in the way of my path to stardom.  Then having Baby L last May was a pretty good reason for taking a short hiatus.

Come to find out, baking and cooking weren’t enough for me either.  I realized I wanted to document more than just my errant ways in the kitchen.  (Okay, not everything gets burned.)  I happen to have several passions and they have taken over my blog, dining room table, back porch, and shed.  Needless to say, the focus of my blog has changed a bit.

Back up and running strong since August of last year, I have learned way more in the past 7 months than I have since I began.  I participated in my first blog-hop and link-up, connected with more bloggers, and watched my blog grow exponentially.  It’s been a crazy fun ride. 

(Remind me to tell my 2011 self to research more)

Endlessly BeLoved

I’m linking up over at Endlessly Beloved with my top 10 favorite things about being a blogger.  So let’s get on with my list!

1.  Graphic Design & Photo Editing
I really enjoy spending time creating images and editing photos for my blog.  I think it’s a lot of fun!  It helps to make a blog post more creative, and more me.  I have tons to learn, I’m sure. (Like how to create an image for my Youtube videos)   

2.  Photography
Ever since I got my camera last year for my birthday, I have been wanting to use it more.  Since I did a major jump start on my blog in August, that is exactly what I’ve been doing.  I take my own photos 95% of the time, and I edit them myself.  I really enjoy taking my camera everywhere and taking pictures of random things.  I never know when I may need a certain image, so I have quite a collection.  I am so happy with all that I am learning about photography too.  I’m pushing myself to learn little by little with The Photo Ladies challenge, found here. Blogging is actually making me a better photographer.  Winning!

3.  “Meeting” People
I wish this was happening in real life, given the small town that I live in.  But honestly, I’m quite content meeting people in the blogging world too.  I have a few handfuls of blogging friends whom I wouldn’t mind meeting in real life, but in the meantime I’m okay with chatting and visiting each other’s blogs, and catching up on social media.  Hey to all of my blogging peeps!  Virtual high-five!
4.  Inspiration
I love seeing all of the things my fellow bloggers are accomplishing.  Attending their first conference, overcoming obstacles, moving to their own website…and of course all of the neat things they are making and creating for their blogs.  I watch nearly every “how-to” tutorial on blogs and on Pinterest.  There are a lot of things I have learned through blogging tutorials especially.  It’s inspiring.  They have really helped me out. Also, connecting with other bloggers is great.  Their encouragement and support through comments is awesome.  I’m becoming a better blogger right alongside my peers out there.

5.  Opening up a whole new world to me
I consider myself a late bloomer.  Before I started a blog, I didn’t realize how big of a community blogging would be.  I thought “Man, how am I going to get my blog noticed?”  Personally, I thought people just stumbled upon blogs, somehow.  Silly, huh?  (I am imagining blogs as floating plastic ducks in a tub, waiting to be noticed…) I felt like I was blogging inside a vacuum, because I had no clue outside of writing posts.  It felt lonely.  Eventually, 2 1/2 years later my eyes were opened.  I’m enjoying all of the company out there.  It’s just awesome!

6.  Considering Working At Home
I never ever thought I would ever be interested in staying at home to work.  Actually, I think I may have specifically said “I am not the stay-at-home type” once I got out of the military.  I was determined to finish school, go back into the work force, have a 9-5.  Well, just recently I began to entertain the idea.  It sounds crazy to me, and probably crazier to my family who may be reading this eventually.  I think I want to put all but one of my eggs in this blogging basket and see how far I can take my blog.  It would be awesome to start up an Etsy shop.  I’m sure Big D would appreciate my crafts in someone else’s home, instead of cluttering ours up.  (Any advice would be welcome!) 
7.  Love For Writing
English has always been my most favorite subject of all time.  I enjoyed my English classes in both high school and college.  It’s my preferred form of expression.  I’m not really an artistic person; at least I don’t think so.  But I’d like to think that the way I write is entertaining.  Whenever I sit down to write, I feel like an artist in front of a blank canvas.  I’d be pretty happy as a writer I think.  Maybe one day.

8.  Becoming A Social Media Guru
Let me just be honest here.  I never imagined being on any other social media platforms aside from my personal Facebook page and Instagram.  Google+?  Twitter?!  I dragged my feet on Twitter, people.  Heels dug in the ground, kicking and screaming “Nooo!”  I feel like an old person trying to figure out hashtags, and the etiquette of tweeting and even simply understanding the layout.  Google+ is super easy.  Facebook – I got that!  Twitter still kind of gets on my nerves sometimes, but we are getting along better these days.  I won’t quit you, Twitter.  Not yet.
9.  Sharing Bits And Pieces Of Me
As a blogger, I think it’s important to share parts of my life.  I’m not an open book, I like to keep some things private.  But for the most part, I’m giving you the best of me in relations to my niche.  (DIY projects, crafts, fitness, food and recipes)  I like to add personal flair to my posts and photos.  I hope that my personality is shining through my words and joking manner, which is what I aim for every time.  Bits and pieces of my life pop up in my posts.  One day, maybe I will give you guys a little more of me, but for now I am comfortable with the boundaries I set.  You just keep enjoying all of the silly pictures I post.

10.  Writing reviews
Call me nerdy or whatever, but I really enjoy writing reviews.  It started on Amazon.  Then I started reviewing local businesses on Yelp.  And when I learned that I could do this on my blog, possibly in exchange for a product or money, I thought “This is awesome!”  (Note: still waiting for the right brand) The one thing I always tell myself about my blog is that I don’t want to nor will I review anything on my blog that I wouldn’t use in my own home and for my own family.  Other than that, I do love to talk up a good product.

What are 10 reasons you enjoy being a blogger?  



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