Hump Day Confessions #18: Driving Turns Us Into Hypocrites

Today’s confession:  I drive therefore I am a hypocrite.

If you drive, then you can relate to this post.  I am willing to bet my last bag of chocolate that you have been either at the giving or receiving end of rude, jerk-like behavior on the road.  Everyone has been in a situation behind the wheel, whether it’s a turtle-slow driver ahead of you or maybe a clueless driver unsure of which direction they need to head in.

My theory is that every driver out there is a hypocrite.

I am and I totally admit it. 

I have been refining my driving skills since I was 15.  (Just a few years ago. Haha) I don’t claim to be the best at driving. I mean, I am half Asian which should suffice for an explanation.

I’m careful, defensive, cautious, slightly paranoid.

Sometimes a teensy bit arrogant. 

Just the other day, I was put on notice for driving like a jerk.  In those moments I wish I had shown a little more humility.  There’s nothing that jars you out of autopilot mode quicker than an offended and fearful turned angry driver.  He laid on his horn, and threw obscenities like kitchen knives in my direction.  What I wanted to do was shrink back into the cushion of my seat.  What a jerk I was!

Had it been the other way, I’d have honked quite a bit, shook my fist at them, called them a butt head, maybe a jerk.  My mean word vocabulary is quite limited, with small children in the truck.

Truth:  There’s no bigger hypocrite I know than drivers.
I bet you can relate!  

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