Weekly Recap & Broiled Grapefruit

It’s that time again!  We made it through another week.  I’m excited to show off my posts from this week.  Main reason being that I am highlighting a handful of bloggers and their awesome blogs.


For no other reason than to share the love, and soak up some inspiration too!

(So many plugs in this post!)

I first want to mention that I am so over this weather.  

Mini-rant:  My winter apparel still hangs on my coat rack in limbo.  I’m actually getting sick of scarves!  I wore one today, but the fashionably light ones don’t count.  The heavy knit ones would be great to retire officially for the season.  It’ll be impossible, with the bi-polar weather here in North Carolina, once again.

My neck is starting to hurt from this weather whiplash.  Seriously.  I say choose a temperature and stick with it, plus or minus a few degrees. 

Mini-rant over.

DIY Obsession
I have this obsession with furniture make-overs.  Last Wednesday, I highlighted some of my past projects, as well as some of my fave DIY furniture make-over blogs, here.  Love what those ladies have done!

19 Random Pictures
Ever go through your hard drive and wonder why you saved something?  I am guilty of taking too many pictures.  I was cleaning up my hard drive and found that there are so many random photos that I took.  Is this a classic sign of digital hoarding?  I shared a fun list, with photo collages included, here.  I only went back a couple of years.  Can’t wait to see what else lies in the cobwebbed corners of my photo folders.

Party Spots
I took some time to hop around this week.  These are a few of the places where I hung out.  The Instagram ones always get me.  I know I saw some blogging friends out there.  Hope to see others hopping around soon!

Instagram Blog Hop

Epic Mommy Adventures


Bloody Marys Count as a Salad

Baked Grapefruit
Cindy from Little Miss Celebration shared this breakfast treat on her blog.  I was so excited to try it, and even more excited that I had some grapefruit on hand.

 I made it, then bought more grapefruits for this week.  If only the rest of the family could appreciate a grapefruit the way I do…

They’re loss.  More for me!

Here is how my first one turned out. 

Not nearly as pretty as Cindy’s, but I got a little too excited and left it under the broiler for too long.

The sugar caramelized, and then some.  It was like breaking into a creme brulee. Excuse the lack of accents, I can’t figure out how to type the accents aigu, grave, circonflexe.  (Six years of french and I can only remember the name of the accents.  Ha!)
Are you a fan of grapefruit?  How do you like to eat it?  Have a recipe to share?


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