List It Friday #4: I Can Hula Hoop, I Have Proof!

Welcome back for List It Friday, a day where I post a compiled list of things to entertain, inform, and share with my readers. 

This week, I did a little bit of spring cleaning and in doing so, i realized I have a lot of junk and nonsense in my hard drive.  

Everybody has a junk drawer, where loose change and bread ties are thrown in for some random use later on, right? Well I have folders in my hard drive chock full of nonsensical photos.  


Because I am a picture hoarder.  It’s sad but true.  If my photos were laid out in front of me in real life, just like in a junk drawer, you’d probably say I need help.

I am that person who sees something worth remembering (for whatever reason) and I take a picture.  For keeps, forever.

99.9% of the time, these pictures get lost in my hard drive.  They never make it to print form.   

Who cares about the soap the hotel offered?  (There was basil in it!)  Who cares about the really cool bathroom shelf at that eclectic coffee shop

This lady, that’s who.

I like to think that I have an eye for art, or what may possibly become art.  I take pictures because I enjoy capturing what I see in an intangible form, making it seem like the moment will last forever.
It’s magic!

I take pictures because of an outrageous fear of forgetting a moment, no matter how random or nerdy or weird.  I never know when I might need that picture of the standing broom stick for proof of it occuring on the day of the vernal equinox, or so they say.  It was yesterday, people!

I don’t want you to get too excited as I bestow on you the most prized photos on my hard drive.

Hold onto your seats, this is about to get random.

1.  The wedding I never had.  I never was that girl who dreamed of weddings anyway.  Really, I’m not bitter.  I do want some cake though, that would be nice.
2.  A hiking trail in a Massachusetts state park.  I never made it further than this, because I was 5 heavily months pregnant, hot, and very out of shape tired.
3.   Oh my Dior glasses, how I miss them!  I printed this out in black and white, then framed it and hung it in one of the bedrooms.
4.  We visited the bar/restaurant “Cheers” and this picture of the cast (on the wall as you walked to the bathroom) was something to remember.
5.  Raleigh, NC!  I love going to the city.  That’s what happens when you live in a small town.  You gain a newfound respect for traffic and crowds.
6.  During an episode of bladder emptying (sounds much fancier) at this Virginia rest stop, I discovered this neat little charging station for those eco-friendly little smart cars.

7.  Koala Kare changing stations are a staple for every parent venturing out into public with little diaper-clad humans.  But combining it with your bladder emptying experience might be kind of tough…I can handle multi-tasking though.  I accept the challenge!
8.  “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”  Trees can’t be poems though, so…
9.  This is a practical sign; You don’t want to be sprayed.  There’s learning and safety going on here.
10.  Boogedy-boogedy-boo!
11.  Pictures of future projects?  Sure!  This one was never completed, but you never know when I might get around to it!
12.  Taking pictures of things I want is only helpful if I take note of the place where I can buy it.  I really wish I had remembered where these chairs were.  Aren’t they cute?
13.  In downtown Raleigh, we found these bike racks/metal poles that had these…scarves knitted onto them.  They were also tagged with a Facebook page link.  Super random, and I’m still curious about their purpose.  And if someone actually sat there and knitted around the pole…

14.  I get down with the best of them in a chicken wing eating contest. 
15.  If I were to ever become a princess, I would look something like this.
16.  When you can’t make a decision on which pair of fun socks to wear, you take a picture and call in a life line.  
17.  Never stick your face in a hole.  You don’t know what you will look like on the other side.
18.  Firsts are always a good reason to snap a pic.  First steps, first day of school, first…s’more?  Yes!  It was my best friend’s first, and we documented it.
19.  Hula hoop like nobody’s business.  Proof!

I hope you got a laugh out of the randomness inside my hard drive.  You really never know what you will find in there.

Do you like to take pictures?  Do you hoard random items in your junk drawer?  What is the strangest picture you have ever willingly taken?


2 thoughts on “List It Friday #4: I Can Hula Hoop, I Have Proof!

  1. I enjoyed every bit of randomness these pics provided! Totally cool that I made the cut into one of the pics…well, my wrist that is! �������� You were in a chicken wing eating contest?? ���� NICE!! Ihave so many random pics too and a junk drawer from JunkHell…yes, there is such a place. Lol.


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