Hump Day Confessions #16: How Much Is That Table In The Window?

Today’s confession:  I am obsessed with furniture makeovers.

Not just green with envy.  I mean every bit of obsessed.  I’ve spent more than my fair share stalking other blogs, oooh-ing and aaaaah-ing over furniture makeovers.  Craig’s List has become a daily ritual.  Haven’t raided the thrift stores lately, because that is a risky venture, in that I will most likely bring something home with me.  Waiting to hit some yard sales because I know I will get greedy and take everything that will fit. 

“I swear I will get rid of something to make room for this…”

 Alas, I can’t always win these arguments and keep bringing home stray tables and night stands.  Good thing I have plenty to experiment with!  A few pieces in my own home have fallen prey to my trials by fire. 

Have I ever mentioned that I am self-taught? 

Going through the motions of attempting to paint new life into a piece can be fun, until I realize “Oh crap, how do I do this?”  A couple of my thrifty finds were successful, in that it didn’t get placed on the curb out of frustration with the entire project.

This is my curbside pick-up: 

And this is a Goodwill find:
Using my table prematurely for my “summer drinks”

Once I’m done with a project, I feel a quick sense of accomplishment before I start thinking “Okay, what’s next?”

I like to try out different techniques, brands, test out tips, and share in my frustration.  I can be artsy-fartsy!  It’s fun when you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for something, and you get to give it a whole new look.

I am currently having a hard time staying on track with this blog post because I have Craig’s List open right now.  Sadly…all I want to do is browse. 

“How far of a drive is it to pick that up?”

“Can I make it there and back before nap time?”

“Do you think I can successfully hide my project from Big D until I deem its success?”

I’m half-ashamed to admit this conversation is a solo act.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite DIY-ers that I like to stalk for inspiration, tips and tutorials:

Rain on a Tin Roof
Rain on a tin roof
Artsy Chicks Rule
Artsy Chicks Rule
Designed Decor
Designed Decor
 Lovely Crafty Home
Lovely Crafty Home
Just a Girl and Her Blog
Just A Girl And Her Blog

 Be sure to stop by and check out these blogs and get some inspiration for your next project!  These gals totally rock.

Thanks for stopping by this week’s Hump Day Confession!



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