Photo Ladies – My First Challenge

Are you excited to see how my first assignment went with the Photo Ladies challenge?  I’m excited to show you what I learned!

While I was out with the kids enjoying the beautiful day, I started playing around with my camera.  I took the opportunity to play around with the aperture on my camera. 

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this plant.  It’s going to bug me for the rest of eternity, because I feel like my brain fart is proof that Mommy Brain is a real thing.

At any rate, this is the best collection by far with the different F stops working their magic on each photo.  It’s like being at the eye doctor’s office when they say “Which is clearer in the back, F 4.0 or F 25?”  Sort of… 

 Meet our fur baby, JJ.  He is wearing his usual mean-muggin’ face, though he’s really a gentle beast.  I moved around a bit so that was mistake #1.  You can’t see the progress perfectly in each photo, like the plant above.  Oh well, plants and stationary things are easy, animals are not.

I have more work to do, so don’t mind me while I keep this photo challenge post short.  Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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