List-It Friday #3: 6 Things I’m Digging

Happy Friday to everyone, especially the night owls tonight!  I turned into a night owl myself.  Today has been a non-stop roller coaster ride from the moment I woke up.

Naturally, to counter any negatives, I try to highlight the positives.  For instance, because of the day I’ve had, it’s time to have another glass of wine it’s time to look at the bright side and showcase the positives. 

I think as the theme of the day suggests, a list is in order.

 1.  If you’re following me on Instagram, you already know that I switched to Big D’s coffee.  Mine was not cutting it for me in the morning. (Prob not a good thing to bump it up, but I love coffee.)  Prior to my switch, he had me search for a stronger kind that came in k-cups for him.  I found these on Amazon.  Had raving reviews.    We were once divided by coffee brands and strengths.  Now, we both love this coffee.

2.  My best friend (pronounced “bespren”) brought this tea during one of her many visits to my house.  It’s always a treat to have her here, since we are separated by a state line and 3 whole hours of wait drive time.  So when we got to try this tea together, it was that much more awesome.  I am not that big on tea unless I’ve got a scratchy throat.  But this tea is simply amazing.  It is called “Tiesta Tea” and it’s the energizer kind, with coconut fruit and cinnamon flavors.  You can taste the coconut fruit and vanilla!  My one complaint with other teas is the funny aftertaste it leaves.  Not this tea.  I would drink this every day if I had a supply.  It has a nice clean taste and it’s light and refreshing, with a spoonful of honey, though not necessary.  

3.  (Older Instagram picture) I was making this banana quinoa bake for breakfast and it called for chocolate chips.  Big D didn’t want any, so I only put a few on my side of the pan.  Good thing he didn’t want any because I was eating these Hershey’s melts like freaking candy.  I’m ridiculous.  Made a healthy breakfast and I’m popping chocolates as it bakes.  

4.  Yes, I have finally come to really enjoy my new Samsung.  It’s light-weight, fast, and I do so much on it.  Dropbox has to be my favorite app of all time on it too, because it’s the fastest way to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop.  Loving my Droid!

5.  I ended up having a scratchy throat a few days ago.  My go-to remedy is a couple of grape fruits a day, one in the morning, one as a snack or in the evening.  Well, I bought this bag of ginger honey crystals and I can’t say enough about them.  Had Big D drinking this drink concoction and he said it helped him.  Since this is a quick list, I need to save my detailed review for a bigger post.  I have lots to say about this purchase.  LOVE it.  It is a must-have in our house. 

6.  Bubble-up pizza, whaaat!!!  I am IN LOVE WITH THIS RECIPE.  I have made it at least 4 times since I first found the recipe.  I wrote a post on it here.  I pinned and saved it here.  Go check it out if you haven’t done so.  You’ll want it for your movie nights.

What are some things that you’re digging this week?  Anything I should try out?


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