Humpday Confessions #15: Boycotting Gym for Tabata

It’s been a sad frustrating couple of weeks for me in the gym.  We signed up for a family membership to this new gym in town and I was so excited to start working out, going to classes, making new friends… Now they are telling me that they will not keep L in the child care room because they are changing their age minimum to 2.  

Now imagine how freaking pissed upset I was to discover this.  Surprisingly enough, there is a plethora of gym establishments in this town (even crossfit!), but the ones that actually have a room for small children won’t take L’s age.  It really chaps my ass makes me upset.  How on earth are moms with young ones expected to get into a gym and feel good about themselves, if these gyms are not supportive of them?  I mean really.  That is what it boils down to in my eyes.  UGH I should quit before this blog turns into a venting session. 
Anyway, I know what I have to do: hire a babysitter on top of the monthly amount we pay at the gym.  Just ridiculous.
(Fortunately, this membership is not under contract, and we can stop paying any time we want.)
Since I heard the news, I have been boycotting the gym altogether.  May seem like a waste of money.  I’m currently searching for a babysitter.   I am really bad with staying on gym mode when obstacles start to form.  Things like child care, ill-fitting socks, a bad attitude, and even laundry.  My motivation is not as strong as it once was two years ago.    

I’m not gonna lie, I have a hard time finding the time and motivation.  Make time.  Yeah, I keep hearing that too.  Sure, between diapers and dishes, sorting piles of laundry and dressing Barbies.  Finding motivation isn’t hard when I have the time.  I look at pictures of me from before I had L, and even after having 3 of his older sisters, that was the best shape I had ever been in.  Now I look in the mirror and say “Meh…tomorrow.”

Today was the day.  I got my butt out in the yard, with my new quick workout.  Not finding my favorite sports bra nearly killed my mood.  Honestly, I was pretty much out there in my pajamas.  The point is that I did it.  (Sorry neighbors!  Not sorry!)

I had both S and A out on the trampoline, and I let JJ (who has been super, off of his leash) run around the yard.  Dove right into my workout, and obstacle after obstacle got in my way.  Dog.  Fighting sisters.  Dog again.  They must really like it when you get down on their level (push-up position) because he was relentless on being in my way.  

I didn’t get a true workout in, because of those things I had to deal with, but I give myself an A for effort.  I should have just got onto the trampoline with the girls!  I took advantage of the beautiful day we had here.  Got my heart pumping.  No sweat was broken, but we will fix that next time. 

For  my WOD, I did a Tabata workout session.  I figured if I don’t have a gym to use machines and a running track, I can do a quick and easy workout here at home.  It should essentially take you 4 minutes, and no workout equipment is needed. Though I’d suggest a watch or clock with a second hand.  Sounds great right?  Easy peasy. 

I pinned the site on Pinterest, under “Watching My Girlish Figure.”  In case you don’t follow me on Pinterest (which you totally should!) here is the link

What have you done lately to get your heart pumping?  What is your biggest motivation killer? 


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