Weekly Recap & Some Bubble Up Pizza

Is anyone getting sad that the weekend is nearly over?  I wasn’t nearly as productive as I could have been.  I think I gave myself even more work to do this week.  My to-do list is ever-expanding. 

How about a recap of my week to prolong the inevitable weekday countdown to a new weekend?  Now there’s the positivity!

Well, let’s see.

Just look at that face-so enthusiastic!

 We adopted a furry friend last Sunday.  He’s been in this household for a week now.  So far, he’s pretty awesome.  There’s still some getting used to for the kids, and for him I’m sure.  But we are certainly glad to have been able to adopt him and give him his forever home.

Not sure if you saw my Instagram feed in February, but I was participating in a photo challenge.  I can never finish those stinkin’ things!  I got to Day 25, and cannot believe I quit.  If I weren’t so scatter-brained, and my phone weren’t so slow, I’d have finished it.  Maybe next time!

On Wednesday, I confessed my obsession with Craig’s List.  Maybe I didn’t mention the obsession part, but rather how entertaining it is to browse.  Especially the “Missed Connections” section.  Check out that post, here.

My iPhone was running on dial-up.  Or so it seemed.  It was so s-l-o-w.  I couldn’t receive texts from fellow iPhone users either, which was weird.  Ugh.  I really hate buying new cell phones.  I always go with a smart phone because I can multitask with them.  Then I get it and realize I have to spend a few hours getting acquainted, and then some on-the-job training with said new phone. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 this afternoon.  Does anybody have any tips for me?  Still learning…but at least I can make calls!

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday.  I so badly wished that we could shave spent it together, but it didn’t work out.  I sent her one of the coolest pieces of mail though.  It was a package, actually.  She was an unsuspecting recipient and I LOVED surprising her with it.  I’m going to tell you what it was, then put a tutorial up soon.  I can’t wait!

Since we moved our pizza and movie night to last night, I made a pizza dish for us instead of ordering pizza.  I’ve been really into meal-planning these last few weeks and I bought the ingredients ahead of time to make this.

You’re hungry now, aren’t you?!

I used this recipe from Budget Savvy Diva.  It wasn’t the “triangle pizza” that we normally have, as the kids begged and pleaded for that when I placed the casserole dish down on the table.  To their surprise, they actually liked it.  Duh.  It’s pizza, it just looks different.

Instead of using an 8×8, I used a 9×13.  To be honest, I didn’t even read that part of the recipe.  Just happened to read one of the recent comments on her blog, and noticed that one person had trouble with an 8×8. 

This was SO super easy to make.  I made two batches and they ate it up.  I also used my own homemade sauce.  Mmm!!!  I do hope you’ll give this recipe a try. 

So what did you do last week?  Give me a recap of your interesting moments!

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