Hump Day Confessions #14: Craig’s List, You Got Me

Today’s confession:  Craig’s List can be used for entertainment.
I took advice from a fellow blogger and finally got myself a Craigslist account.  I played around for a bit on the site and realized that it’s not really all that scary.

It’s wonderful! 

Like a garage sale but you don’t have go anywhere!

You can buy or sell literally anything on there.  (Except for the illegals)  I love to browse at all the for-sale items on there.  Even if I don’t buy anything, it’s window shopping at it’s finest.

I have been hooked ever since.

Most recently, I watched the movie “Craigslist Joe” on Netflix.  I thought “Oh dear, this must be about the Craig’s List Killer.”  It was actually an interesting documentary on how this guy lives for a month on freebies and the kindness and generosity of other people who help him through Craig’s List ads.  I won’t tell you how far he makes it.  (Are you hanging in suspense yet?)

I have found so many eclectic ads amidst the cool stuff (furniture I’d like to buy and paint) and I thought I had seen it all at my ripe young age of 31.  Some things I truly wish I could unsee or unread, while others just make me giggle like a school girl.  

I highly recommend visiting the “Missed Connections” link on there, if you are ever bored.  (Or if you’re into finding that one person who caught your eye at the gas station getting a slushie.)  It is a sub-folder for finding people who you may have had a brief encounter with.  You can be a woman seeking a man, man seeking a woman, man to man, woman to woman, et cetera.  I don’t quite know or want to know the rest of the “who is looking for what/who” acronyms.  I’ll admit that I did click on the mw4w and I’m still not quite sure what happened in there.  

Again, some things I want to unsee.

There seems to be a little hope in second chance encounters there.  Maybe it’s a lost love?  Maybe the stars will align one day, that person will be looking for a gently loved lamp and they will accidentally click on “Missed Connections” and read through archives and find that one buried post and say “HEY!  I remember that day, when I was driving down that one street that one time while wearing that hat!!  It’s ME she’s talking to!!!”  It’s a long shot, but hey…it could happen.

Some of them are so silly, the way they are written.  It’s like a narration from a high school girl.  “And then we locked eyes, and I looked away.  My friend said you looked up a few more times, but never came up and said anything…”   I’m totally not kidding.

I thought about posting one. 

It would probably sound like this:

“Hi.  We ran into each other at the Walmart.  You were checking me out.  Literally.  Check-out lane #7 to be exact.  Because at Walmart, you go all the way up to maybe 20, and only open 3 lanes.  You may remember me.  I had a screaming baby, two preschool-aged girls and a pre-teen girl with her nose in a book.  I was trying to keep my items organized as they were haphazardly being tossed up there by two two giggling monkeys in a poo-flinging contest.  My frustration was escalating, my pre-teen was still oblivious to my cries for help.  The two girls began bickering about which Disney princess they each got to pretend to be, because nobody likes to be Cinderella: she is the one that cleans.  Anyway, you laughed at the hilarity of the situation, then blessed my heart.  This might have been hilarious in the comforts of my crazy house, but I had started to sweat profusely as my anxiety levels went through the roof.  You didn’t see me, but I was clicking my heels three times, mentally-screaming “There’s no place like home!!!”  If you remember me, please email me back.  Tell me if I had joked around and asked you if you wanted 4 more grandchildren to add to your Pandora bracelet.  Because I may or may not have said that and offered you my groceries to tide over your growing family.  If it is you reading this, I just want to tell you that I certainly appreciate your patience with us that day.  Not all cashiers that I have encountered have been so pleasant with a stinky screaming baby in their check-out lane.  And I wanted to be sure you knew that I was only kidding.  These babies are all mine!   

Do you visit Craig’s List?
Know of someone who has, that actually met up with the person they were looking for?
What is the most interesting thing you found on there?  Did you buy it?


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