Ask Away Friday #3 With Stacey From This Momma’s Ramblings

Third week of Ask Away Friday!  If you don’t know about this series, it is a great way to get to know other bloggers and hone in on your networking skills.  Bloggers partner up and swap 10 questions each.  The questions will be answered in a blog post, then linked up on Real Housewife Of Caroline County.  

Great idea? Think about joining!

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And Guest Hosts!

This week, I had the chance to partner up with Stacey, from “This Momma’s Ramblings.”  Stacey is a homeschooling mom of two, who wants to live the frugal way of life.  I found that I am a lot like her, in that we both try to be frugal, making homemade things like laundry soap.  (So cost-effective.)  Don’t know about Stacey but I drive my husband up the wall with my homemade concoctions.  I’m afraid if I were to replace his store-bought toothpaste with the homemade stuff (believe me I considered it) he’d probably leave me.  Ha!  It’s too bad there is no frugal way to satisfy our love of tattoos.  Or at least any way that I’m willing to try…

Let’s get on with the questions, shall we?

1. I am a super music junkie…What are the top 5 songs that are rockin out your playlist?
I tend to listen to songs like “What Does The Fox Say” or “Roar” by Katy Perry, or “We Are Never Getting Back Together” over and over and over.  Hey, when a simple fix like their favorite song can make everything right in the world, I’m willing to play along.  As for my playlist, I don’t have one.  Isn’t that sad?  I love music though.  I listen to a lot of country music.  EDM is growing on me.  Can’t seem to get away from pop songs; some of them just make me happy.  I have a compilation of classical music in my truck’s CD player right now, with Mozart and Beethoven and such populating the track.  I also like some black metal music.  I’m truly all over the place!  Just depends on my mood.  

2. Do you have a favorite recipe from your childhood, that you now make for your family?
I wish I had taken more time to be in the kitchen with my mom when I was younger.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m darn good with a microwave.  There are some tasty treats that come out of that magic box.  Oh gosh, can you imagine if you could only use a microwave?  Luckily for you and for my family, I’m only being kidding.  I do love to cook, and I think I’m pretty decent in the kitchen.  But my eating habits have changed quite a bit.  The things my mom made for us when we were younger have sort of died off on my taste buds.  One thing I enjoy making is lumpia.  It’s the Filipino version of spring rolls or egg rolls.  It’s very easy to make the mixture that goes inside the lumpia wrappers.  The rolling and frying of the lumpia is the more time-consuming part.  These are great for parties or large crowds.  Serve them with sweet chili sauce.  Everyone goes nuts for them.

 No this is not my picture, though I wish I had taken more from when I made big batches for parties.

My mom has her special way of making these, and I’ve strayed a bit *gasp* from her recipe.  I believe this is the same recipe I have printed out and saved in my recipe binder.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live? Why?

Honestly, I would choose to live in Texas.  Family lives there.  We have lived away from our families for long enough.  I get so frustrated and stressed out when I have to try and accomplish being an adult while finding someone to watch over these rugrats of ours.  Reason #2 for why I don’t work outside of the home right now.  Plus, it would be really nice to live there.  Every time we visit, I think to myself “This would be a nice place to raise our kids.” 

4. What is your fondest dream that you have yet to accomplish?
Wow.  Um…I have so many dreams that I’m fond of.  I want to do everything!  Getting my degree in nursing is probably the biggest dream right now, but that’s easy to say.  Everyone hopes to make it to their desired career field.  If I could be a dreamer for a second, the list would be quite long.  I get so passionate about lots of different things.  I’d love it if my husband and I could open a fun restaurant together.  I’d like to own a vacation home.  Hike the Appalachian Trail from start to finish.  See the Great Wall of China.  Get the guts to write a book.  Learn to surf.  Have LASIK eye surgery done.  Yes, that last one is a big one for me.  I can’t imagine hiking the AT with contact solution weighing down my pack, or not having the luxury of sight through either glasses or contacts while I’m surfing learning to surf. (Salt water is no bueno for contact lenses)

5. What is one dessert that you will go for above anything else?
Cookies.  Sugar cookies with butter cream frosting, hands down.  But it has to be the homemade kind, though I wouldn’t toss a store-bought cookie out the window.  I will tear through some sugar cookies if ever given the chance.  Whenever I bake, it’s even more dangerous.  Nobody will notice if a few cookies and spoonfuls of frosting go missing…

6. Who is someone in your life that has influenced you into becoming the woman that you are and why?
That would be my mom.  She goes against the grain, works hard and continues to dream.  She is so full of life, has so much ambition, so much spunk.  We are very much alike though I’m seeing it now as a mother than when I was younger (naturally).  She is my inspiration.  My answer to question #4 is what hers might look like, if you were to ask her.  We both dream of doing everything under the sun.  I imagine being like her one day.  

7. Do you have a favorite book that you will read over and over?
Ugh.  I really wish I did.  I love to read, but lately I have not had the time.  Does it count if I have a book I keep trying to read but have to start over every time?

8. Do you have a television show that you just can’t miss?
I don’t watch must TV.  We don’t even have cable or satellite service.  We do the “a la carte” thing with our Roku and our Apple TV.  It is amazing!  Right now, if I were to watch a show as it aired and the only possible way I would see it is if I parked my butt on the couch and watched right then, I would say Game of Thrones.  I’m really into that show, thanks to my husband.  Lucky for me, he is my “right hand of the queen” (get it?!) for when I don’t understand what the heck is going on.  But yes, that would be the show I could not miss.  Okay, and also “The Walking Dead.” Love that one too.

9. What is your favorite story to read to the kids?
My husband actually volunteers to do all of the reading to the kids.  One of my favorite books from elementary years was “The Stinky Cheese Man”.  I picked this up at the library for their story time.

10. I loved your thoughts on Soda and Pop! My hubby grew up in Miami, but has lived in the mid-west for most of his adult life and we talk about how funny the regional differences in word meanings are. Like tennis shoes or sneakers, or my favorite…grilled cheese or cheese toastie! So which are you…a grilled cheese or cheese toastie girl?
 You know what?  I have never heard of it called a cheese toastie.  That sounds so formal and fancy!  Probably because I see “grilled” and imagine a scene out of the cave man times:

 Brute force, and a spear-headed stick to complete the task.  Men willingly sign up to grill and act like it’s a man’s job.  Then they are out there doing this huge favor of grilling for us.  Boy, it’s a heavy burden to bear!  I grilled for my first time a few years ago.  Threw the marinated meat on the grill, shut the lid, then thought “Now what will I do with my time?”  Since we women cannot help but multitask, I cracked open a beer and enjoyed the summer air out there on the deck.  The heavy weight of such a task must be so much for my husband to bear each time I want to grill out.  What kind of wife am I?!
Sorry, that was really off topic.  Haha!  I imagine a cheese toastie being delicate and dainty.  Grilled cheese sounds so masculine and messy.  

Well that is all for Round #3!  Hope you enjoyed my answers and don’t forget to head on over to Stacey’s blog to see how she answered my questions!


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