Hump Day Confessions #14 Be A Better Blogging Friend

Today’s confession:  I’m going part-time mode on link-ups and party hops.

I have had a pretty awesome ride linking up and browsing around other people’s blogs, showcasing some of my own posts, meeting other bloggers and whatnot.  Since I really kicked my blog into gear last August (mind you, this blog was “born” in January of 2011), I feel like I’ve been running along rabbit trails, hunting down link-up parties and blog hops ever since.  It’s been a non-stop party hop!

So many bloggers have posted great tips on how to become better bloggers, and I read every single one that I can click on.  I’m seeing a steady pulse on one particular tip, which states that you shouldn’t get bogged down by participating in every single link-up you come across.

It is a tedious job to socialize this way.  Time to hang up my party hat, for now.  I have a hard time focusing.  I want more time to get to know those who I have made an effort to connect with (or vice versa) at these parties and link-ups.  I want to follow through with the networking part.  I don’t want to leave you!  Or you to leave me!

One good thing about socializing and linking up is that I have discovered bloggers over and over again.  I see you here, and I also see you there.  It’s great, I become familiar with your blog and content, and I read more of your stuff.

The rest of my new “blog followings” are all untapped knowledge just waiting to be dropped on me.  I’ve seen some great blogs out there, lots of inspiration. All new content I have yet to dig into.

I’ve been party-rockin’ at level 10.  It’s time to bring that down a few notches to about a 3-4.  I’d be telling a tiny fib if I said I didn’t care about my blog stats.  I’m not wildly popular out there (yet, ha!) and I’m not complaining about it.  But, continuously seeking more followers at link-ups doesn’t sit well with me.  It’s unfair to those whom I already follow.  In real life, I wouldn’t shake your hand, learn your name, then move on to the next person at the party.  At least that is how I see it.

I am a homebody in real life.  I need a home base to return to.  I want familiarity.  People I know, who may also know me.  True amigas.  This rings true in the blogosphere as well.  I enjoy socializing, but I also relish the friendships I’ve made.  The warmth of having a virtual group of peers.  All the amenities of a genuine friendship, except we don’t have the luxury of getting together.  Ha!  So much time has been spent socializing, and so little spent on nurturing previous connections.  It’s time to even that out, if not tip the scales towards the latter.

My personal goal is to visit blogs that I follow more often.  You’ll see me skipping around, reading your stuff, commenting, stalking on social media platforms.  I won’t be linking up much.  I want to sit back and reap what I’ve sown, so to speak.  It is time to be a better blogger friend.

I’m going to stalk you like crazy.  I’ll probably stop by for a few link-ups a month, but my goal is to get to know you bloggers/readers out there.  Yeah, YOU. 

I encourage you to take a deeper look at your followers and those whom you follow. How well do you know them?  Do you visit their blogs as often as you planned?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with socializing and networking sometimes?  What advice do you have to offer?  

Thanks for stopping by another round of Hump Day Confessions!

I will still link up at the usual spots:
Mama Kats Vlogging Link-up
“Ask Away Friday” at —->
And I will probably choose one DIY link-up.


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