List It Friday #2: 12 Reasons You Should Like Valentine’s Day

Welcome back!  I’m so glad you stopped by. And Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day, with or without a Valentine to call your own.  In case you haven’t read my thoughts on Valentine’s Day, click hereI claim immunity on the 14th of February.

Now that you’re caught up on some reading, let’s check out my entry for List It Friday!

 Valentine's Day

I’m all about seeing the positive side of life.  Instead of listing a bunch of ho-hum thoughts for today, I thought it would be more Dee-like to mention the pros of Valentine’s Day. Maybe you might agree with me.
Some things to look forward to on Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day:

1.  There is an infinite supply of chocolates, no matter what store you walk into.  The Handy-Mart gas station around the corner will definitely have a box of fancy chocolates for your needs.
2.  So many cute Pinterest-y crafts for you and your kids to do!  Or if you’re single and have nowhere to go, you can craft your Valentine heart-break out.  Nobody will have to know you stayed in pajamas and ate chocolates that you bought and drank wine until you had enough bottles to make that fancy wind chime or chandelier. 
3.  Kids love Valentine’s day!  Kids love candy and treats and parties.  They can be so shallow.
4.  If you love the color red, or pink, or kiss prints, you are in luck!  There’s also an abundance of these items in the stores.
5.  People with Valentine’s Day fever are happy, in general.  I like to bear witness to someone’s happiness when their flowers and balloons and chocolates are delivered. (Just witnessed this at the doctor’s office)  It’s so sweet.  I try and think of what they are thinking…”He knows I’m on a diet!!!”  “Wow, we went on like one date…”  “Think anyone is jealous of me now?”  “I knew it.  He didn’t go to Jarred’s.
6.  My husband is totally off the hook for this one.
7.  Hilarious Valentine’s Day cards.  Have you ever walked down the card aisle and spent some time reading the latest and greatest?  I get a good laugh as I read card after card, especially the ones for significant others with funny pictures and cartoons.  Definitely some good entertainment to be had.
8.  It’s one reason to send your best friend one of the worst cards you found during your card aisle reading session.  Aside from the fact that you really do heart her to pieces.
9.  Remember those chocolates I mentioned?  They go on clearance for dirt cheap after the 14th.  I love the clearance sections.  Don’t mind of I do stock up!  We can eat chocolate “I Love You” bars until Father’s day, at $.25 a piece.
10.   Kids are fun to photograph with a theme in mind.  Even if it’s Valentine’s Day.  What better opportunity to set up a cute photo shoot for the kids?
11.  Valentine’s Day doughnuts at the DD.  Need I say more? (Yes, I did happen to pick up a dozen before the doc appt today)
12. I get to be the third-party with absolutely no vested interest during Valentine’s Day-themed parties.  I’m that person in the room who will refill the chips-n-dips and top off the punch bowls without worrying that I’m missing out on the party.  Hell I may even spike it.  ‘Cause, we all know that little baby cherub could use something more than just arrows to attract two people to each other.   

Wait – what’s that?  Do you feel it?  I think we are having an aha moment.  I think we are connecting.  See?  It’s not so bad after all, when you see that the box of chocolates is half full. 

Which of these pros are you looking forward to the most?


13 thoughts on “List It Friday #2: 12 Reasons You Should Like Valentine’s Day

  1. I DO have a purpose in life! Hahaha It's bad luck to let the chip bowl go empty at a party. Aren't those cards great? I want to collect them and make a book, like the ones you see on Pinterest. Then whenever I need a pick-me-up, I can read that! Haha!


  2. Heart-shaped donuts–yum! We actually indulged in these today, and any holiday that includes chocolate and pastries is a favorite of mine! Dee, visiting from SITS 🙂


  3. I am an equal opportunity holiday lover. Especially ones that involve funny cards and candy. I walked into Target today and they already had some of their chocolate on clearance. I may or may not have walked out with several bags.
    Stopping by from #SITSBlogging, but I think I will be staying. 🙂


  4. Happiness in the air is definitely a positive. Everywhere I looked there were people with flowers in their hands and smiles on their faces; can we keep that sentiment going for awhile?
    I'm so glad to have discovered your blog…love fromSITS.


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