Hump Day Confessions #12: Gettin’ Elliptical With It

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I have a funny post for you today.  Yes I made it, and of course I think it’s funny.  But it really is!

Today’s confession:  I am taking back my gym rat status.
Not gonna lie, I totally did not want to go to the gym today.  It’s cold outside.  It was snowing on my way there.  What better weather to want to maintain my winter fluff?

Am I right?

My inner monologue fizzled out, naturally.  Nobody ever says that.

Guess what! I’m back!  

Quite literally I might add. 

I feel great that I’m at the gym working out, even in this weather.    

I was enveloped in the atmosphere of the gym. I forgot how much I miss going.  I can see myself befriending a few of these people in the near future. Yes I’m looking at you, lady on the stationary bike. I’m going to befriend you. You’ve been put on notice.
I’m excited to start documenting and posting more on my workouts.  Not while I’m at the gym.  I had a moment on the elliptical and I just had to type out it out.  I don’t plan on making a habit out of it.
I am going to start from the beginning.  Baby steps in the gym.  Why? 
  • Because I had another baby. 
  • Because my body, nearly 9 months later, is not back to normal. (and I don’t mean weight-wise!) 
  • Because I don’t want to jump back into cross-fit just yet, and end up hurting myself.  
(This is a future post in the making)

I think some of my fellow elliptical neighbors are staring at me.  I’m typing on my phone, breaking a sweat, getting my heart rate up.  Getting elliptical with it!  Multi-tasking at it’s finest.
Oh look another neighbor next to me!  And she has no idea that she is now a part of my blog.  Welcome, gym friend.  I’m sending you friendly vibes.

The weather was nasty outside (still is!) but I was there getting my sweat on. If it wouldn’t have been too awkward, I would have made a vlog about my first gym experience of 2014.

I do have a vlog on my experience after I walked out of the gym.  Enjoy! 
(Disclaimer: I was not trying to hold back vomit, I scarfed down my protein bar.  In hindsight, that could have waited)



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