Biltmore Estates: An American Castle

Disclaimer:  This post was written as part of a sponsored campaign through Commission Junction for Biltmore Estates.  I gladly accepted the offer to write about Biltmore, as my opinions are based on first-hand experience.

Oh February!  Is it time for a vacation yet?

We are well over the holidays and have had a whole month and then some to prepare to take on this new year.  And I bet some of you are wondering if it’s too soon for another vacation.
No it is not!  Can’t fathom taking a whole week off?  A weekend get-away could be just what you need.
I did this exact thing right before Christmas, taking the kids and my best friend to visit Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina.  I had purchased a Groupon to seal the deal and I am happy that I did.  Discounts are great.  Plus, it was an awesome mini-vacation!

This was me on the day we headed out to see Biltmore Estates.  Oh the excitement!

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, Biltmore boasts 8,000 acres of picturesque landscape.  It is a popular tourist site in Asheville, a charming city with parts of the downtown echoing the same architecture as Biltmore Estates.  I’d love to go back and walk the streets of Asheville, maybe even have lunch at one of the breweries, where there is something for everyone – history buffs and family travelers alike.

Biltmore also has their very own winery, if you are a wine enthusiast.
Biltmore Estate is really a sight to see.  There is no justice in pictures alone.  The grounds were so beautiful, even in the rain.  You start off in one of the parking lots.  It’s a bit of a walk from the parking area to Biltmore itself, but don’t worry – they have shuttles that arrive every 15-30 minutes to take you right to the front door.  We were very thankful for this, since our visit was on a rainy day.

When you pull up to the front door, just off to the right will be where you will find all of the shops.  These are nice to visit once you have finished your tour.  We went through and bought a book on Biltmore to take home with us.  We also enjoyed lunch and hot chocolate and coffee at one of the concessions.

Touring Biltmore was quite an experience. We opted to get the headphone set with the recording (additional cost) so we could listen to the audio for each room.  I liked that feature of the tour, and I highly recommend getting it.

As I mentioned before, the day that we arrived for the tour it was raining.  We didn’t fully tour the grounds, to include the winery, farm village and Antler Hill Village.  (sounds like a good reason to make another trip!)

 I LOVED going through the house and visiting all of the rooms, on each floor.  There is so much to see!  It’s a good hour and a half tour, since there is quite a bit of walking to be done.  Not that it’s the same thing, but I recently started watching Downton Abbey and it reminds me so much of Biltmore.  My memories of our tour, every room I saw and every factual tidbit and detail, are brought to life in that show.  (Huge Downton Abbey fan if you haven’t guessed)  Very fascinating.  America’s very own castle!

Visiting Biltmore was quite an amazing experience for us, but I will be honest with you; it is not friendly for small children.  Stroller access is not available.  I actually had to park mine outside near the exit.  There are no restrooms that you can use inside the house, which was nerve-wrecking for a potty-training parent like me.  It can be somewhat of a challenge to keep wandering children corralled within the roped off spaces of the rooms.  Kids are so curious.  For their benefit, I should have taken heed to another mother’s advice about it not being suitable for younger children.

Don’t let this deter you!  Make it an adults-only getaway or bring along the older children and have a blast in the past!  Stay on the grounds, at the Inn on Biltmore Estates or the Cottage on Biltmore Estates to extend your experience.  
Lucky for you, there is a money-saving deal going on now until March 19th.  You can purchase tickets at an exclusive rate through the affiliate program.  For a two-day visit, adult tickets are $39 and children are $19.50.  The tickets include entry to the house, grounds, winery, farm village and Antler Hill Village for two days.  This is a pretty good deal.  You’ll want two days to visit everything.  

Brush off those winter blues and shake off the cabin fever.  It’s not too soon for some quality time away.  Start planning your own mini-vacation by clicking the links below!

Compensation disclaimer: I will receive a 10% commission on ticket sales when you visit these links to buy your tickets.  I promoted the Biltmore Estates because I believe it is a worthwhile experience.  These opinions and all that has been mentioned in this post are my own regardless of compensation.

To read more about planning a visit to The Biltmore Estates, visit:

Also, if you are a movie enthusiast, here is a link of all of the movies that were filmed at Biltmore: Movies filmed at Biltmore


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