Ask Away Friday #1: I’m The Newbie!

Hey, what day is it?  It’s “Ask Away Friday!!!”
The Real Housewife of Caroline County

What is “Ask Away Friday” (dubbed AAF) you ask?  I just learned of it actually.  AAF is a weekly series where bloggers partner up and swap 10 questions each.  The questions will be answered in a blog post, then linked up on Real Housewife Of Caroline County.  It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers and network a little more.

Who couldn’t use another friend in the blogosphere? 

So I was really confused in the beginning, whenever I would read these posts on other blogs.  (though I think the problem was with the reader…) To avoid that for my readers, below are questions from my partner that I answered.

For my first round of AAF, my partner is Lanaya, from Raising Reagan.

 photo RRButton250x100_zpsb7f98954.jpg

She is a mother of the adorabe Reagan, pictured in the button above.  Lanaya owns the online store Reagan’s Toy Chest, which is an educational toy store for toddlers.  There is a lot I have learned just by reading previous posts and her About Me section.  I have asked her 10 questions that I hope are different from any that she has received in the past.  Maybe we have more in common besides being thirty-something-year-old salt-n-vinegar chips addicts who can’t resist a good weed-pulling on the way to the trash can. (Yes Lanaya, I have been there too.)  

Here we go!


1.       This is your first week participating in the AAF series. What excited you the most about joining the group?
 What excited me most about joining the group is the idea of meeting other bloggers and forming new connections.  I really like weekly series too.  And lists.  I love feeling organized!
2.       I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I love me some Kit Kats. But I hate orange candies. I noticed your favorite candy bar is Twix. What is your least favorite candy bar {or if you don’t have one – least favorite flavor.}
My least favorite is Three musketeers.  Milky Way at least has the caramel.  But that mousse?  No.  I wouldn’t go as far as tossing them out of the Halloween bucket though. There comes a moment of desperation for everyone at some point or another, right?
3.       I found Bunco literally three days before I moved to Arizona and haven’t played since! I love the game! As a host of Bunco parties do you and your friends get loud and go crazy? Is there drinking and celebrating?
 Oh no!  You caught me in a moment of sarcasm.  I have never played Bunco a day in my life.  I’m sure that if I got together with some girlfriends and attempted to play, there would definitely be a lot of screaming, laughter, and a drink or 3.  Basing this off of playing cards with my mom and sisters, it probably would get a little crazy and competitive too.  
4.       As a mother, finding time to focus on yourself is a daunting task. Take your family out of the scenario for one day … what do you do?
Oh there are so many scenarios that come to mind, but we will stick with keeping it local.  Ever since I received my Canon camera last summer for my birthday, I have been wanting to take a “photography tour” (what I call it) of a place.  I take lots of pictures wherever I go.  I thought it would be fun to capture the beauty that I see within the city where I live.  I drive through the downtown so often and thoughts like “Oh that would be a nice shot!” or “That would look awesome in monochrome!” occupy my mind.
5.       You get a book deal … what do you write about?
I have given this some serious thought in the last couple of years.  I would love to write about my mom and her life.  It would be an honor to write her biography, of growing up in the Philippines, traveling to the States, being that foreigner, her hardships… She really has had such an interesting life.  So many stories to be told.  If she would ever agree, and if I ever got the nerve to begin, we would be set.
6.       How do you handle daily life as a mother of four?
With a glass of wine or a beer at the end of the night.  I’d call that a perfect ending.  Though half the time it is not perfect, I am too tired, and my personal to-do list has not been touched all day. (Blog stuff, housewifery, etc.).  I learned to just roll with it.  Pick my battles.  Be patient.  Be grateful for the opportunity to stay home with them.  But mostly to try and enjoy the moments in between tantrums and diaper changes and messes.  “It won’t be like this forever,” I keep telling myself.  So far, this woosah mantra has worked in my moments of wanting to throw tantrums myself.  
7.       Watch the SuperBowl for the game or for the commercials?
I’m a college football girl, no pro team to call my own.  I planned to watch the game, and commercials were a plus because most of them are funny.  But with kids running around and needing my attention, I realized I got a better deal when I’d pop in for the commercials instead of trying to sit through the game and then take care of them during commercials.  Commercials win!  
8.       I’m going to roll 8-10 into one question:
     a.       Trade places with one blogger for the day .. who do you pick?
               I am so envious of Lady Of The Blog‘s Vera Sweeney.  She is a busy mom of 3, with such an exciting life as a blogger in New York.  A very trendy blogger, Vera writes about fashion, parenting, and product reviews, among other things.  She is able to travel, meet all kinds of people (both blogger friends and the famous), and she receives exclusive offers to host parties or product reviews for huge brand names.  She is well-known and famous in the blogging world, to say the least. Turning my blog into a lucrative career wouldn’t be too shabby, if I ever got the opportunity.  I don’t necessarily want to live in New York, or be in the limelight, but I am happy to live vicariously through her amazing adventures.
     b.      Trade places with one blog for the day … which blog do you takeover?
               I think I’d take over Lollyjane’s blog for a day.  They are twin sisters who share the blog and all of the wonderful-ness that comes from it.  Instead of just one person (me) I’d have an extra brain and pair of hands to help with the load!  Plus they are so crafty.  I find a lot of inspiration from their blog.  And I love their blog design.
     c.       Trade places with one celebrity for the day … who do you become?
               I honestly can’t say that I would want to be in a celebrity’s shoes.  Maybe right beside them, a little to the left or right of the limelight is more like it.  (I hear you can get limelight burn.  Ouch.)  But if I must choose one person, I’d choose Kelly Rippa.  I just love her show and I love her.  She’s got spunk and always looks great.  Her co-host is hilarious and fun.  They did a show with an aerial fitness guy came in and taught them the “ropes.”  I was dying!  They both make me laugh so much.  I bet Mike and I would be a great pair to host the show one morning.  “Live With Dee & Mike” Haha it has a nice ring to it.

d.      And finally … trade places with one historical figure for the day … who do you choose, what day {if applicable} and why?
               Oh boy…I’m no good at these questions.  Hmm…Betty White.  I just love her to death.  I’d love to be that witty, even for just a day.  I’d rather be in her company, though.  I bet she is a real character to be around.         

   I hope you enjoyed this post.  And might I suggest that you join in for next week?  I had so much fun!



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