A New Series – List It #1: 5 Sites To Make Word Clouds

I’m pretty excited to announce that I am starting up a new series on the blog.  I’ve had this idea pretty much since the start of the new year, but have had to gather up some ideas to begin with.

And now, I present to you…
 List It Friday

I love a good list, don’t you?  Each Friday, I will bring to the blog a list of whatever my heart is currently fancying.  It could be food, favorite kid quotes, DIY projects…anything really.  You may even find your blog on my future “Top 10 Bloggers I Heart” post, which I’m pretty excited to do.  

Gotta share the love!

Today, I am sharing a short list of websites I have come across that are awesome for creating word art and word clouds.

What’s a word cloud?

“An attractive arrangement of randomly positioned words, where the most important words are bigger than the others.” (Source)


5 Sites To Make Fun Word Clouds


Scroll to the bottom for quick tutorial

My 11-year-old actually showed this website to me.  She came home with a turkey-shaped word cloud that she made in class around Thanksgiving.  It had all the words associated with the theme “Giving Thanks.  It was really cute.  

Since I’m such a nerd for this type of stuff, I made her teach me how to use the site. 

Look what I made with my new skills!

 I made a quick pic tutorial at the bottom.  I don’t claim to be an expert on this site; I learned by trial and error.  Play around with it and see what you come up with!

On this site, you can create sweet word clouds using whatever you like: a single sentence, poem, even a blog post.

I took the popular quote “I love you to the moon and back” and typed it into the text box.  It came out like as you see it.  I changed the background colors, font, and its colors to coordinate with Valentine’s Day.

I could definitely play around with this site a little more.


 I made the 3-D “Simply D Constructed” and it was so simple to customize.  This is a neat site for teachers especially.  There are calendars, clip art, educational printables, lesson plans… I think it would be a useful site for those who homeschool too!

I am going to totally nerd out on that site later.

This is another site where you can make word clouds.  One of the features is that you can have your word cloud printed on a t-shirt!  How cool is that?!


This is a pretty unique website.  You can design logos for your own

website, which is really neat.  But you can also make word art using all kinds of different texts.  There are so many options to choose from!  You could literally sit and design a new logo on this site for at least a good 45 minutes.  Definitely a site to save for later.  

Still clueless as to what you can do with a word cloud?  There are a number of ideas currently running through my brain right now.  
Print and mod-podge onto canvas!  
Make a cool Valentine’s Day card! 
Have your word cloud printed on a t-shirt as a gift!

The awesome thing about this list is that all of these websites are free.
 FREE!  So go on.  Create your word cloud!  And spread the word about my list.

Here is my quick tutorial on how I made my heart-shaped word cloud on Tagxedo:


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