Hump Day Confessions #10: Cupid and I Aren’t Friends

Hello my loyal readers!  We are here for another round of Hump Day Confessions. 

Today’s confession:  Cupid and I Aren’t Friends  

Valentine’s Day Schmalentine’s Day.  The 14th can come and go, and I wouldn’t miss it or bat an eye.  

I’m every cold and unromantic’s dream date.  Valentine’s Day is just another day to me.

But why?  

Valentine’s Day gifts are a waste of money.  And so cliche. 

Flowers die.  Stuffed animals are the bane of my existence in this house as it is.  I don’t care for jewelry, save for the cheap Armitron on my wrist. 
I don’t want to be showered with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers that were given a death sentence.  Don’t bother trying to find a sitter or make reservations on the 14th.  Leave the bottle of wine open to breathe, because that bad boy is welcome in our home on any night.  You can keep the pearl necklace, as that would be a running joke forever if I wore them. 

I’m not trying to argue here.  Some ladies and gents really enjoy the anticipation of this entire day, of all days of the year.  They look forward to the magic.  I get it.  I wasn’t always a V-Day thumbs-downer.  Do you boo!  Get your cupid on. 

I enjoy being wined and dined, gifted every once in a while, and told I’m amazingly awesome.  I can appreciate romance.  I don’t even mind if D is the one offering.  Ha-ha!  

Being sweet and romantic does not need to be subjected to one day of the year.  

D knows all too well how to romance me.  Walk through the door with a 6-pack or a bottle of red.  I’ll accept chocolate, but skip the heart-shaped boxes.  Cook dinner and do dishes.  After the kids go to bed, we’ll drink those adult beverages and watch an adult movie.  R rated, not the XXX kind.

The 14th of February is just like the 13th and the 15th.  Another date on the calendar.  If you want to talk about special days, February 29th is a pretty cool day, every four years…

I’m curious to know how people with birthdays on leap years celebrate.  We should contribute some Valentine’s Day funds towards a collective party fund for those lucky people instead.  They technically miss out on a birthday 3 years in a row.  

Leap year babies – invite me to your party!  We can make a holiday of it! 

Do I have any hopeless romantics amongst my reader population who love Valentine’s Day? 



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