Oh So Cute Pillow Box Valentines

Hello to all of you fabulously crafty people out there!

I see a lot of you rocking and rolling with your tutorials for Valentine’s Day.  There is a LOT of great stuff circulating the blogosphere and Pinterest!  Gives us a chance to get a head start on all of these crafty creations. 

I’m going to be completely honest.  I personally couldn’t feel more indifferent towards Valentine’s Day.   But for the kids, I am all about keeping the magic of these “Hallmark” holidays alive.   

Whatever excites them makes me happy and excited too.

Especially when they speak my language.   

For Valentine’s Day, it means making cards, crafts and treats for them to give to friends and classmates.  As an excuse to indulge in creative crafty bliss, I am more than happy to oblige.   

“Mom, can you make cake pops?”  Certainly!

“Momma, can we make cards for my ballet class?”  Already ON it my little dancerella fashionista princess!

“Momma can I eat your chocolate?”  No.  It’s all mine.  (In my best LOTR “Me precious!” voice.)

All joking aside, I love making them smile.  When asked to help out for their class parties, I relish the thought of making treats for my oldest to take to her party.  Little packaged goodies enveloped in pretty cellophane baggies, tying them with dainty ribbons, making matching gift tags, attaching them to little puppies for each student to take home…

School rules: “Store-bought treats only.”   

My creative spirit dies a little each time I’m faced with another class party sign-up sheet.  School rules apply, and they squash my creative bubble before it gets too big. 

Oh man, so much potential for cute holiday treats and crafts, yet parents are barred from bringing anything other than what is listed. 

Totally uncreative and rather boring.
Do you want to know what happens when you try to limit my creative spirit?  I find another outlet.  Like taking advantage of S’s ballet class instead.

S was the Birthday Girl last month. We celebrated her birthday with her ballet class.  It was a super awesome pinkalicious day for her.  She was over the moon about sharing birthday treats with her class.

Already up to my shoulders in holiday crafts, I thought “Why the heck not, let’s just completely submerge myself!” [It was quite enjoyable actually.]

*Originally made for a birthday, but you can see how easily it would be to swap the fairy cupcake toppers out for a different theme.
These pillow boxes are great for filling with whatever your heart desires. 

  1. Pink decorated cake pops
  2. Fairy cupcake toppers
  3. Pretty labels
  4. Pillow Boxes

Tutorial for Pillow Box

You can go anywhere and find a template.  And since I was foolish and didn’t document anything as I made these, here is a link from Pinterest with a plethora of templates for you to choose from.


Template printed out
Pencil for tracing
Scoring tool
Old CD or DVD
1″ punch

 1.  Trace the template onto the cardstock.  Make sure it’s the side that will be facing inward, if you’re using textured cardstock like I did.  Then cut. (*see note)
2.  Take your scoring tool and DVD or CD so that you can make the circular fold on either side of the cardstock (still working on inward facing side)
3.  Use a ruler to score the straight folds
4.  Fold the straight scored lines.
5.  Use a strong glue or adhesive like glue dots.  I believe I used Elmer’s Two-Way, and it worked after I stuck each box underneath a stack of books to sit and dry.
6.  When the pillow boxes are dry begin to fold the curved score lines.  If you scored them well enough you should not have any problems getting them to fold.  
7.  Pick one end of the pillow box as the opening end.  Taking one of the curved tabs, punch out a small crescent piece to use as a finger pull for easier access.  Then fold both curved tabs back in.  Together, they should fold back securing the contents within.

*What I learned is that sometimes the tab in the template (seen in this template, the top side) are too short to be glued.  I started cutting them just a tad bit longer so that a bigger surface could be glued.

I suggest starting way in advance if you’re going to be making a bunch of these pillow boxes by yourself.  There’s a lot of cutting and folding and hand cramping.  Or you could call up your BFF, crack open a bottle of wine and get to it.  (always a good excuse to drink wine)
Supplies For Embellishments:
1.  2″ scalloped paper punch
2.  1 1/2″ circle punch
3.  Themed cardstock to match pillow boxes
4.  Glue dots
5.  Pop-dots
6.  Ribbon
7.  Circular labels (I made mine on the computer using solid-colored circles, then I typed on them)
8.  Any other embellishments. (tulle ribbon, grosgrain, twine, etc)

I let Birthday Girl help me punch out the card stock.  I had bought a pack of smaller card stock designs and she went to town with the punch.  I had to take over because her little hands weren’t strong enough to push the punch all the way down. We punched out the scalloped shapes and the circular shapes.  I used the designed card stock for the scalloped shapes, and plain for the circles to make the labels pop.

Take your circle labels and adhere them to the scalloped punched card stock with Pop Dots.  If you want them to be flush with the scalloped punched ones, then use Glue Dots.  

I decided to go one step further, since I had cupcake toppers with fairies on them that I bought a year prior.  It’s a good thing my best friend came to the rescue when my creativity was running low.  She added her genius to the embellishment idea and adorned each punched label with a fairy cupcake topper.  (The girls were going to be in a controlled environment, sitting while watching a movie so I didn’t see a problem putting the wooden picks on the labels.)  She stuck a fairy topper between the card stock and the circle label.  (See how it wouldn’t have worked if it were flush?)  And the fairy kind of held herself there, ready to party with them later. 

‘Tis the season for glitter everywhere, so I pulled out some heavily glittered tulle ribbon (I think that’s what it was…). I cut enough ribbon to wrap around each pillow box and knot into a bow.  Placed each label face down, dotted it with my glue gun, and put the middle of the ribbon smack dab over the glue.  I tried regular glue but it wasn’t drying fast enough so if you are in a hurry like I was, go the glue gun route.  Bam.  So easy.

I made pink cake pops as demanded and put those inside little treat baggies.  Tied each closed with pink ribbon.  I stuck the cake pop sticks behind the tied tulle ribbon, making them part of the embellishment.  (They didn’t fit inside the pillow boxes like I thought they would.)  

Birthday Girl had picked out some candy from the candy store and we filled small cloth sacks that I had on hand.  Tied the sacks with the small string attached and put one sack in each pillow box along with some Disney Princess rings and sticker earrings.  Then I closed the boxes and used a big orange wicker basket to transport my “too-cute-for-school” treats to Birthday Girl’s ballet class.

I am not much of a horn-tooting person, but TOOT TOOT for this birthday loot!  It was a huge hit.  So worth the effort.  The girls had cake and treats and jewelry.  What more could they ask for?

Try your hand at pillow boxes.  Feel free to share your blog post URL in my comment section.  Post it on my Facebook or Google+, too.  I promise to stalk and share!

I linked up here:

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