"Best Tuna Casserole" – Oh And It Was!

Don’t you hate when it’s around 4:00 and you’re staring in your fridge or at the contents of your cupboard thinking “What should we make…”  I do.  Oh I can’t stand to be without a food game plan.  

I used to be really good about planning and cooking food ahead of time, even making extra to freeze for a quick dinner.  Then Sweet L was born and he took up all of my (already scarce) spare time.

Allrecipes.com is one of my fave sites to turn to for recipes.  I’d say Pinterest is a good source too, but I tend to get drawn towards the DIY section instead.  Every. Single. Time. 

On this particular afternoon, I too quickly decided that tuna fish casserole was going to happen tonight.  Would you believe that I had never in my adult life attempted to bake a tuna fish casserole?  [It also never happened in my adolescent years either.]


This recipe was the first one that popped up.  Sounded good.  Looked easy.  I started digging around in my cupboards for the ingredients.


I ended up with a longer list of ingredients we did not have for the casserole. 

No way I’m dragging all these kids to the store!

We developed a form of cooking in our house, because of cases like this.  D is the guru on what we like to call “guerrilla chef” or sometimes “guerrilla cooking.”  He pulls magnificent dishes out of his  – well you know, using whatever we happen to have on hand.  He’s like a magician in the kitchen when the dinner outlook is pretty grim.  He’s THE guerrilla chef.

Uh-uh.  Not today.  It was all me in there, tackling this casserole, doing what I had to do.
Instead of egg noodles (A is allergic to egg), I used elbow macaroni.  I substituted Cheddar cheese for shredded Swiss and slices of Gouda.  Sadly, we did not have any onions (one of the staples for cooking in this house).  Had to do without.  Not a huge fan of mushrooms so I skipped out on that.  And I also don’t keep potato chips in the house regularly, so the next best thing in my cupboard was cheesy croutons.

I followed the bake time on this recipe.  The croutons got a little extra lovin’ from the oven, as they came out nearly burnt.  I served baked *asparagus on the side, with sweet potatoes.

Unfortunately, it was not a hit with the kids.  We will definitely be eating this dish again, but we are back to the drawing board for them. 

I encourage you to try the recipe, if you like a quick and easy casserole.  

Tell me what you think about having potato chips top!

*Wash asparagus and cut off about an inch or two from the base of the “stalk.”  Lightly coat with olive oil, and your choice of seasoning.  (I always go with garlic, onion, pepper, dash of sea salt)  Roll around on a baking sheet lined with foil, until asparagus is completely covered.  Bake on 375 for 15 or so minutes.    


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