It’s Friday…Let’s Move Some Furniture!

Note: There are affiliate links within this post.  This means that if you make a purchase from the links, I may receive compensation for the purchase.  And I thank you!


What are Friday afternoons for?  I know…A re-vamp of your living space!  

On this particular afternoon, it sounded good to me!

Several times a month, I get tired of the way a room looks, or the way a space is organized, and I brainstorm.  Typically over a cup of coffee, I dream up a new look for a certain area of the house.  It’s nothing super spectacular.  Furniture is moved, decor is given new homes, and my heart is content [for the time being]. 

I do this because the space was not functional.  Other times I do it because I want to give the space a little shine and sparkle.  So you know, I don’t literally mean sparkle, as D would have a fit if I purposely used glitter and Mod Podge to add that kind of flare to a common room.  (That’s what little girls’ rooms are for *wink-wink* !)

My husband will probably come home and say one of two things:

Wow you have been busy…” which equates to “this looks different…”  It’s the response I tell my 11-year-old to say substituting the verb for one of the 5 senses. (Looks, tastes, feels, etc)  It’s the default statement if and when somebody asks your opinion on something that you don’t like; you do all you can to be polite.  I’d rather hear that than “This is disgusting!

Hey baby, the house looks great!  It’s so clean and open!”  Does this need further interpretation?  Okay I should probably mention that I don’t get around to completely cleaning the house and giving it that clean open feel that we both desire.  *sigh*  (I thank 4 kids for that.)  

There certainly are other ways to make a space sparkle, and I learned this first hand.  Adding picture frames, patterns, potted plants, even re-purposing a cake stand I made last year – it works because D has said the latter before and then some, noticing the small touches.

What I did here was simply relocate these items.  The little night stand turned plant stand went from one side of the dining area to the back door.  I had painted and glazed it a couple of years ago and was completely happy with how it turned out.  

I then added the magnetic board to the table.  It was a picture frame I found on clearance at Michael’s, due to a small piece of the frame’s corner being broken.  I spray-painted the glass then put it in backwards. Then I took a sheet of metal, sprayed adhesive to one side, wrapped it  with Dollar Tree contact paper.  Once that dried, I used spray adhesive to the “unpretty” side and stuck it to the glass.  Voila!  A pretty magnetic memo board.


The rest of this coffee-inspired daydream come true was already attached to the wall.  The shelf was from Lowe’s; no D Construction needed.  The old drawer turned chalkboard was something I made.  I love the bird atop the dresser so so much.  I’ll have to include a tutorial soon to showcase this project.

Back Door Entryway
I entertained myself for free today, haha!  No purchase necessary for the re-vamp that you see.  I actually paid for this happiness by sweeping the floor, steam-mopping, then taking out the trash.  All will be happy.  😉
What neat things have you done/plan to do today to lift your spirits and kick-start your weekend?  

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