Do You Mind If I Stalk You?

Success was mine today as I fully did what I intended to do – sit on the couch and be a social media stalker.  I couldn’t help it.  There were two link-ups/blog-hops [seriously what is the difference] going on today.  I couldn’t just hop over, leave my link and call it a day.  I have to follow hosts/co-hosts [not hard considering I’ve linked up in the past] and then the fun part – like and follow other bloggers, or what I like to call cyber-stalk them everywhere they are.  Pinterest, Instagram [love Instagram!], Google+, Facebook (you’re making me lose interest, FB), Bloglovin, TWITTER [starting to really dig it]…did I miss any platforms?

I stalked every blog and their SM platforms that caught my eye.  I even got a few cyber-stalkers of my own.  (Stalk me, I won’t mind.)  I’ll be honest, nothing makes me feel like a creeper more than doing the above.  (Ahh, I’m still getting used to this part.)  Unless you’re doing it in real life, then you really are a creeper.  Stop it. 

But seriously, today I spread the love through comments.  I spent the majority of my day plugged in.  I made it rain with my “likes” and “shares” and “+1’s” and “Tweets.”  I felt like I was being a responsible and genuinely caring blogger by showing my gratitude for posts and for hosting link-ups; by helping to nurture other blogs, and bloggers’ efforts.  I hope my blogging friends both old and new felt my virtual hugs and high-fives.   

It was a good day in the blogosphere, all-in-all.  


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