Wreath All About It!

It’s been kind of silent around here and I apologize.  I don’t mean to be such a blog slacker, but I sure feel like it.  Ho-hum.
Is anyone else starting to look at the calendar and break out in a sweat?  *Raises hand*  I am slightly freaking out.  I hardly have time to blog about the little projects I have done around here.  And I so badly want to!!! Christmas is literally 2 weeks away and there are still things that need to be put together, packaged and sent off. 


Remember talking about the “Red Zone” a month or two ago? Yep. We are dancing in the middle of it, in a panicking “Oh Crap” kind of way.

My goal was to have a semi-if not all handmade Christmas for family.  What I didn’t realize is how much freaking time went into making everything with these two hands of mine.


I love doing all of this, don’t get me wrong.  My main gripe is that I am such a perfectionist.  When something is off or doesn’t go my way, I’m like the crafting diva drama queen.  It’s embarrassing.

Don’t worry, I have something for you.  I’ve been meaning to show this off for a few weeks now.  It’s my holiday wreath that I made.

It makes my front door look good!  (Which, in fact, could use the dressing up.)

Believe it or not, I made this wreath out of the trimmings from our Christmas tree.  I never ventured into the wreath-making pins I saw on Pinterest.  I don’t even know what you wreath-making people do to create all those beautiful wreaths I see in the stores.  I imagined this thing in my head, and it came to fruition like that.  I thought to myself “There’s no reason why these perfectly good pieces should go to waste.”  Plus, I love the way the tree smells, so why not keep more of the fragrant tree around the house.

I made that bow!
I do love how this turned out.  It was so super easy to make, too.  Probably because I “Macgyver’ed” it together.  Basically, what I did was I used floral wire.  I took the longest trimmings and did my best to form a circle.  Then I started layering the other trimmings, staggering them on top and overlapping where the major two pieces connected.  This allowed a structure to form, and once that was set I just put thicker pieces where they were needed cosmetically.  Did I mention that I only used floral wire?  

That wreath hanger was bought at the Dollar Tree, in case you might wonder where you can buy a cheap one. *Hint-hint* *wink-wink*
I actually have TONS that I want to share with you.  I feel like time is running out on me.  I’ve been crafting away at my dining room table for what seems like weeks now.  My house is cluttered with partially completed projects.  My husband wants to pull his hair out.  But I can’t give away my projects because they are gifts to be sent to my family.  I am really excited to show you what I accomplished though! And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m looking forward to the day where this will all be finished, so that I can finally clean up this mess for good. 

Homemade gifts = blood, sweat, tears, precious hours of lost sleep, and a victory dance at the end. 
Oh yeah I will celebrate.
So what have you all been crafting lately?  Are any of you in the Red Zone too?  Anybody tempting to make homemade gifts?


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