Hump Day Confessions #7: "I Shop In My Bath Robe"

How many of you dread shopping?  Fighting for parking space, a walking space through the aisles, even fighting for an ounce of patience?  It feels like there’s a fight every which way you turn. Now imagine all that I mentioned… Starting to sweat a little?  Now throw in 4 kids, 3 under the age of 5.  Panicking yet???

This is the story of my life.

Around this time of year, I try and kid myself and say it would be fun to be a part of the hustle and bustle to which the holidays ultimately resort.  

Shopping.  Enjoying a peppermint mocha at Starbucks. Dropping spare change in the Salvation Army cauldron, walking away with that incessant ringing in my ear.  Nah, it’s not even worth the trouble.  Trust me, I tried it today.  

It was exponentially worse.  And I had no spare change. 

My confession for today:
“I’m an on-line shop-aholic!”

For the sake of my sanity I shop in my bath robe.  Apparently, it’s Dumbledore’s wizarding robe.  D will never be able to appreciate a fine robe when he sees one.  

So, shopping on-line is addicting especially when you can be as comfortable as possible and at ease with decisions.  Where else can you have 5 different carts open, price-checking things as you place them in there?  Everything is right at your finger tips.  It’s too easy!

Why On-line?:
1.  I’m comfortably shopping in whatever I want to wear or not wear.
2.  Kids are still crazy, but they are contained within the four walls of this house and not in public.
3.  No need to lug bags to the truck and then into the house.
4.  I can price-check and not feel pressured by time or check-out lanes or the faces I get when I apologize and say “I changed my mind and don’t want that…”
5.  It is all shipped to my front door!  

The hard work is done for me!  Who wouldn’t love that?  Sure there are risks to shopping on-line.  Hackers, carpal tunnel, power outages.  With internet protection and security, and a supportive wrist brace, you’re good 2/3rds of the time!  Heck, it beats the temper tantrums, overspending, and having to watch your back for muggers or the same strange people asking for “gas money” the second time that week. 
My love for on-line shopping does not trump my need to go into a store and browse though.  I like to try and support the local community.  I really enjoy going into local shops, browsing, and buying things you can’t find on-line.  That is something that can’t be done in the comfort of my home.  It’s more than just shopping, it’s the experience.  The interaction with people.  It’s also something that is difficult to do with kids who don’t feel the need to cooperate and ignore my pleas against touching the “breakables.”   But I do love finding that one cool item on sale that I probably would not have found while in my robe staring at my laptop.  

Sales and clearance racks are like my extroverted friends;  I have to get dressed decent enough to be seen in public (by my standards).  Though I want to, I can’t get there through my introverted shopping website friends who let me sit on a pile of unfolded laundry without judgment. 

In other words, the bra must go on and the teeth must be brushed.  Hair is whatever.  Effort made.

It’s safe to say that I don’t mind missing out on the hubbub of the holidays right now, with L being nearly 7 months old.  I sweat when I am out in public with these kids.  I want to be able to browse, then get the heck out of the store.  That’s it!

This is when shopping in my underwear became the norm.

My most frequented and favorite site?  Amazon!  

My Fave!

Amazon is great.  If you like shopping on Amazon, you NEED to get a Prime Membership. It is the best deal ever on the site.  I paid my annual fee of $79 back in June, and it has long since paid for itself.  We buy so much stuff on Amazon, they would have made a killing on shipping charges if we didn’t go Prime.  It’s pretty much the most awesome thing ever.  I’m proud to announce that I did most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon.  Go me!  I usually pick up things here and there throughout the year, but there were just some things that didn’t fit the “pick up throughout the year” action list.  I tell everyone, and now I’m telling you.

You know what else is awesome?  Ebates!  

Sign up!

They have partnered (I guess I can say that) with a plethora of sites, giving you so many options to choose from for on-line shopping.  When you shop on those sites from your Ebates account, you earn money. They actually pay you to shop at the places you love.  Trust me, it adds up!  Ebates allows you to earn money for shopping on Amazon now.  YES!  I discovered this last night whilst shopping in my pajamas.  I was so darn excited, I felt the need to share.  It made me one happy shopper.    

One tiny little detail that could be added to the site is a calculator of all things saved.  I think that there should be some way to pull metrics off of the website.  Like “You saved 15 hours, one outfit of the day, 3 separate bathroom breaks, 1 1/2 meals, and 50 miles off of vehicle mileage by shopping on our website”  

Maybe a little counter in the corner near your shopping cart?  

Come on, it was a really good idea. 


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