Not Such A Fun Mom

Hey everyone, great news: It’s nearly Thursday!  This may not mean much to those who don’t keep 9-5 weekday schedules.  Like shift workers.  I am trying to live in the moment and relish the fact that I don’t have a schedule to keep.  I may not be employed, by definition, but I certainly work my butt off for these kids and this house.  I’m changing it up a bit and drinking in the afternoon!  Coffee that is… 

We bought this awesome [at the time] 5-bedroom house and as new home owners we were pretty ecstatic about the space.  We dedicated the downstairs room as a play room.  And ever since we did that, it has been like the 100 year war down here.  I’ve fought many battles, trying to keep the room clean, giving the girls a sense of responsibility…I even tried allowance.  But S is like “Screw it Mom” as she tosses blocks up in the air like a rapper with money in a music video.  

I get tired, encouragement turns to frustration, then it turns into threats of trashing everything.  I really believe these little humans are trying to destroy any patience left in us. I have walked across that battlefield, since the only downstairs bathroom is on the other side.  There are spikes and rabid dogs and snake pits, and Caillou in the flesh.  Fine, trade in spikes for Lincoln Logs, and snakes for tangled up blankets.  These are still detrimental to our nimbleness.  And when we end up stepping on one of these death traps, it is no longer a fair game.  By definition, fair would be “there is a path that safely leads you to the bathroom, navigable even in the dark.”  And that was how the patience was lost.  What happens when one loses her patience?  The toys go on a vacation.  In the attic.

We are so very lucky to have three birthdays around the holidays.  And by lucky, I mean poor.  There are twice as many gifts to buy for each of the girls.  This year, we decided that it would be a really good idea to express our wishes to our family about toys for the girls.  We asked that they not buy toys, if they can help it.   What do you buy a toddler and a pre-schooler for a toy-less birthday and Christmas, anyway?  I can think of a few things:
  • Socks – because they will need more as they grow!
  • Underwear – see reason above
  • Helmets – since Grandpa bought them a circus-sized trampoline
  • Cardboard boxes – these entertain for hours, then you throw them out!
  • Hair bows – We can agree to keeping a neat and clean appearance
I’m not such a fun mom this year.  

Ahh I can’t believe it is after noon and L is still asleep.  I made the most bomb-diggity lunch ever!  I found this pin on Pinterest and I had to try it.  It’s called Sausage Crescent Breakfast Casserole.  Today I made it in a pie pan, splitting up the crescents.  A is allergic to eggs, so I made pigs in a blanket for her.  I put broccoli in it to increase the health factor.  Ha! I tried.  Of course I am under fire for even THINKING of adding vegetables.  The girls want nothing to do with the casserole, though I convinced them to eat one piece and then eat around it.  *Sigh*  I try to put myself in their shoes.  What did I think when my parents made me eat veggies?  What did I not like about veggies, the crunchiness?  The fact that it is a vegetable?  Now, I can eat vegetables like it’s no thang but a thang.  I couldn’t even get Polly our elf involved enough for S to eat more broccoli.  I even told her that I would keep her birthday from her and she won’t get older.  She will stay 4-years-old.  [insert evil mom]  Since she wouldn’t have a birthday, she wouldn’t need a party.  And so on and so forth.  She said “Why do I need to get bigger?  So I can play with my toys and then clean up?”  Um…YES.  And then some.

The vegetable fight is on-going.  

I was thinking, maybe Polly can write the girls a note for tomorrow!  It could read something like this:

“Dear S and A,
     I listened as Mommy repeatedly told you to clean your playroom, but I know you were secretly playing whenever she turned her back.  You know, Mommy has eyes in the back of her head, but she’s so tired that those eyes went to sleep and she is relying on me to tell her what’s going on.  Do you want me to tell her?  I will also be telling Santa Claus about this too.
      Also, you should really eat your broccoli.  You want to grow big and strong, just like your Daddy, right?  He is an awfully big guy.  He didn’t get that way by pushing food around on his plate.  I bet he eats his broccoli!  Do you want to celebrate your birthdays?  Eat cake?  Well little girls don’t get to be big girls without eating vegetables.  Eat more broccoli, more vegetables and fruits.  Be strong like Daddy.  Smart like Mommy.

Polly the Elf

[I like that last sentence]

And then for their advent calendar, I’d take out the candy for tomorrow.  I’d add the note, written for them collectively (M will be disappointed since she already knows the truth about the elf) and put something different in there for a treat.  Perhaps a little piece of broccoli!  Or just the note, no treat.  Ouch!

Right now, I am supposed to be completing the decorating of this house.  I do not have the motivation.  I feel like we started too late, even though we got our tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Since I tend to decorate in spurts, I probably won’t be done.  Maybe I should just concentrate on the next holiday.  Good news though.  The tree has been up, was decorated the day we bought it, and it looks nice.  That’s the most important piece of holiday decorating anyway, and it has been accomplished.

I have some projects that I want to showcase eventually on here.  I made a couple of wreaths, a Thanksgiving/Christmas piece of decor, and bought the girls one small tree each from Michaels.  I plan on letting them decorate those this afternoon, if all works out well.  Hopefully I will at least have a picture montage for you.  
I hope you enjoy your Thursday afternoon.  

Cheers!  (It’s still just coffee)


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