200th Post And A Topiary!

Wow, I cannot believe that I have reached 200 posts on my blog.  (I do realize that this makes 201 posts when I hit the publish button.)  I should probably revisit some of the stuff I posted in the way back, make sure it’s worthy enough to be counted.  I’m serious, as a newb I knew not a nan nutter about blogging.  I’ve come a long way from baby blogger status.  Still a long way to go too.  But who cares?!  It’s not a race to a finish line.  Let’s just celebrate with a topiary!

I have to give a shout out to Sharon over at CraftsnCoffee.  She gave me the inspiration behind this beauty that I made, with her deco mesh topiary post.

I didn’t have the right seasonal deco mesh on hand for Thanksgiving.  In fact, I didn’t have any deco mesh.  I didn’t want to go out and buy a roll though, and I did have a lot of netting.  Seriously, I have SO much.  I was a bath pouf for Halloween this year.  All 23-ish yards of netting was used to cover myself AND L.  A lot of netting and a pain in the butt to wear.

My BFF and Me (yes I’m wearing L in a baby carrier)
 As you can see above, I won’t be in need of any white netting material for quite a few holidays.

I used Sharon’s topiary instructions nearly to a T.  Like I said, I went with netting vice deco mesh.  I played around with the width of the strips and found that I liked them to be about 2 inches wide.  I didn’t unfold the netting when I bought it, when I made the costume, and when I started making my 2-inch wide strips for this project.  They ended up being pretty long but I folded them in half twice and it is perfect for this topiary size.  (I believe I bought a 12-inch Styrofoam brand foam sphere)

There are a few small things I didn’t follow on Sharon’s instructions.  I didn’t paint the dowel white. In fact, I used a stick and not a dowel rod.  Walmart sold these wooden picket yard sale sign holders with a pointed end and a flat end for $.99.  I bought those instead.  Why not?
I also didn’t use a plant pot.  I found this cool wire basket for $2.97 at Walmart as well.  I can see where a pot would have been helpful, with its weight.  This wire basket was very light and my topiary was being knocked down at the slightest breeze from someone walking by.
That’s where the Autumn wine bag came into play.  Yep folks, I used a wine bag for a weight.  Don’t laugh, but I found it for $.50 at the Dollar Tree.  Can we say bargain?  I filled it with some filler stones that I also bought at the Dollar Tree, but many moons ago.  
Once I used her instructions to attach the main attraction to its base, I tied the string around the wooden sign holderIt held up better than I thought, and it actually complimented the theme of this topiary!  
Also, instead of using Christmas ornaments grouped in threes and attached by wire, I took some cute ribbon from A.C. Moore (only $1!) and made bows.  I picked up the dowel rods as she suggested, but they seemed too big.  I may have gotten the wrong size.  Anyway, the skewers weren’t skewering anything at the moment, and I didn’t see a reason not to use them.  I snapped them babies in half, as I would have with the dowel rods.  I took my glue gun and glued each bow to a half skewer.  Once dry, I strategically placed them throughout my topiary, poking them through the sphere. 

There is my topiary.  My very first attempt, and I am happy with it.  I think that the plant pots that I have in my shed will be big enough to fit the wire basket inside.  I am pretty sure I can easily switch up the color theme on this topiary to be used for Christmas.  Cover up the base with white felt to simulate a blanket of snow, and replace the ribbons with ornaments and I’ve got two decorations in one!
Thanks for the inspiration Sharon!  If you like working with Styrofoam, or maybe you want some awesome ideas for crafts, please be sure to visit her blog.  She is amazing!
I linked up!
Craft Dictator

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