Thanksgiving Is For…Laughing?

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m still waking up from my tryptophan coma.  Oh Em Gee there was so much turkey.  I am pretty sure I ate my weight in food.  Would you believe me if I told you that I made 3 plates?!  What a glutton!  For the next day or so, we will still happily be eating turkey sandwiches.  Especially D.  Add a slice of “cranberry sauce” (comes from a can but I still enjoy it) and some cheese, with a glass of whiskey in one hand, he is in heaven.

Recovering from Thursday.  I never imagined I would actually live through a “side-splitting” moment, but I laughed so hard ALL DAY LONG.  

That’s what happens when D and his work buddies gather under the same roof.  Complete chaos.  The exchange in banter, wise-cracks and playful antagonizing amongst them was quite entertaining to us.  They talk like that to each other at work all day long, but we only get tidbits.  

I like to think of them as cave men.  Their humor is very crude and unrefined.  One would think that they were all brothers, picking on each other in every way possible.  Whenever a new person comes into the group, there’s a tense moment after a joke where we all hold our breath waiting for a positive response.  If the person gets offended, they probably won’t come again.  Thick skin is required sometimes, to be around these hooligans.  Most of the time, any newbies invited to one of our get-togethers seem to enjoy their humor.  Or what they think is funny.  D tends to flock with those of the same feather so it’s not often that someone new comes around.  The majority of us are married, which means we (their better halves) all suffer through their humor together.  It’s only natural that the wives join in and start harassing them too.  The alternative is to just walk out of the room with that look on our faces – The one that tells them “you’re an idiot” or “I can’t believe I’m married to that.”  

Ah, these boys will be boys.  

Food-wise, it was a hit.  We ended up doing two turkeys – one fried (D’s) and one oven-roasted (mine).  Little did we know but it turned into a contest to see whose turkey would come out better.  Nothing like a food competition between husband and wife.  We’ll just say that one turkey came out with a little more “blackened seasoning” than expected.  

Deep-fried turkey

Both turkeys turned out alright actually.  I don’t have a good picture of mine because the men decided to cut into it before I was camera-ready.  I personally think mine was a tad dry, and I wished I could have found my recipe from last year’s dinner.  I tried “Sherry’s German Turkey” which calls for bacon.  I omitted the bacon but I think it may have changed the outcome only slightly.  One can never have too much turkey, so we may be making another one real soon.

 Here is my beautiful red buffet table, being used for the dessert/appetizer area.

We did very minimal decorations for dinner.  I had my oldest make the leaf garland. 

I did learn in the process that the table is not sealed.  I tried cleaning up a mess and the paint started to come off.  No!!!  

Project #1 for the new year: seal that table!

I used these decorative leaves with wire stems for food labels.

Here’s a closer look.  I wrapped them around wooden skewers and poked the ends into pieces of a styrofoam cone that I cut up into sections.

I’m pretty sure I convinced D to make me a pecan pie because I didn’t get a second helping this year.  I now understand why people have pie and coffee for breakfast.  It’s so good!

All in all, Thanksgiving at our house had an excellent turnout this year. 

Moving on to Christmas!
Has anyone started decorating yet?  Or were your lights and tree up before the turkey was done?  


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