NaBloPoMo #22: "Covers Matter"

National Blog Post Month

How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?

Folks, I am beyond tired tonight.  It’s Friday, so pizza-and-a-movie night with the fam, which just ended.  I am slightly relieved.  I think I ate my week’s worth of carbs all in one sitting.  As my body works it’s way through digestion mode, I am getting sleepier and sleepier.  I don’t have the drive to keep these lids open any longer.  It’s that 3 o’clock sleepy happening all over again.


Probably won’t be having that glass of wine after all.

(Nah, who am I kidding?)

I have actually been quite busy today, in between L’s nap times.  Which were few and far between.  The little guy may be teething soon.  Or it could be that his sisters are way too rambunctious for him to get some shut eye.  

Anyway, to answer this question, yes I think that book covers are pretty important.  It’s the advertisement for the story within.  I asked D the same question and he brought up a good point:

“There wouldn’t be the need to advertise like they do if covers didn’t matter in getting you to read the book.”

Good point, D.


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