NaBloPoMo #21: "I Could Possibly Regret This"

National Blog Post Month

Describe an outfit that makes you feel good. (It can be from any period of your life.) Double points if you post a picture of yourself in the outfit.

Honestly, I’ve gone through stages where I thought what I wore was so sweet.  Super awesome.  I went through a hat stage, color stage, “covering up” stage, “taking it off” stage…NO I was not a stripper.  I had many clothing style changes.  Doesn’t everyone?  Either out of comfort, they fit well, made me feel fabulously confident…there isn’t just one unless you would like me to talk about my sweat pants!  I could wear those all day.  Wait, I already do that…

Tell you what.  I will do something even more than describe an outfit for you.  I will give you a rare glance into my life through pictures.  Just a glance.  Don’t blink – I may regret this and never do it again.  Ha!     

Photo montage anyone?

Here we go.


I perfected that hair flip, didn’t I?

And I had a piece of jewelry for every single outfit.


No rings though! 

Pretty sure the top in this picture was donated during my huge purge that I went through this year.  Mainly because the last time I wore it was on this day, back in ’06.  
 That’s a good enough reason to give it away.  It’s no t-shirt…
BTW, my hair grew so fast that year!  And HOLY COW I was so skinny, in a way that makes me crave a double cheeseburger right now.

 Girls’ night out in DC!
What a fun night.  I wore these white long shorts from Charlotte Russe.  I distinctly remember wishing I had gotten a size smaller.  They were falling lower than I wanted them to, though I was not crackin’ as we call it here at home.  Can you tell in this pic that I was not as confident and happy?
And there I am with the necklaces again. 
 Are you sure you even want to know?
 A good friend of mine from work threw an “Ethnic Trash” party.  Yeah you know what I mean.  I went as “Asian Trash.”  Or at least I did my best.
 Yes, that is a candy necklace on my neck, a TON of makeup, I’m wrapped in a velcro bath towel, and there’s a huge maxi pad visible from my green purse.  I’d say I was pretty comfortable.

 “I’m not fat, I’m just knocked up!”

In case you were wondering, that is what my maternity t-shirt read.  I liked to go for the funny ones.  And this one was super comfortable, while I was pregnant with #2, so I wore it for #3 and #4 as well.

Shorts were from AE.  I was only 4 months so I still fit.  Also, still had an obsession with hats.

If I wasn’t wearing tees and shorts, I wore patterns.
Mostly stripes.
Even while pregnant.
Didn’t care.
 This is probably my most comfortable look.  If I hoard anything clothes-wise, it’s a good fitting pair of shorts.  These “plaid-boys” [mashing of plaid bad boys] were bought in ’05, (I think) from AE, and I wore them up until this year.  Even through pregnancy summers.
I may need to retire them, since there is a hole increasing in size each time I wash it.  And I’m just not skilled enough to patch it up.  [A little help, Mom!]
Notice my Camelbak?  Gotta stay warm and hydrated while snowboarding. 
I love the cold weather when I’m geared up for snowboarding. 
Gear from DC, had my hat embroidered. (Me and my hats again.)
  Well, you can see I’ve got a t-shirt on, and it’s nice and soft and I wore it a LOT.

The hat was a yard sale or Goodwill find, and I never wore it out of the house.  I meant for it to be put up on my wall in an attempt to decorate.  And I think this picture was meant for my best friend…
I actually just kicked this hat when trampling on toys and coloring books in the playroom tonight.

I am heavily into scarves.  I need to accessorize!  D makes fun of me for this: In the winter, after I get out of the shower, I will put a scarf around my neck to keep my wet hair from resting on my skin. (and I’m sure you will to now)  Only if my “Dumbledore” wizarding robe is in the wash though.
Now, scarves are just another part of the outfit.  I collect those like I did jewelry (see necklaces above)
Everyone needs a good jacket to wear.  This one is not meant for rain.  That is the only downside to this cute mini trench coat.  I love it!
It goes very well with jeans and a light top. 
Plus look at my face!  That is a look of pure confidence.  Or plain goofiness. 
For sure.
 And then we make it to the current year.  It is May.  I am pregnant with #4, and just hours away from delivering him in this pic.  Can you believe it, with that smile on my face?  I can’t either.  The Pitocin pump was even dripping into my IV!
  I never smiled like this with the other 3.  I am smiling because this is the last time I will ever go through a pregnancy.  Even D was happily snapping pictures!  It was the best time we’ve had in L&D.  Ever.  Who says that?
 Great, now I am talking like a crazy person. 
Well there you have it folks.  I’m sorry I couldn’t go any further than ’06.  That’s just too much digging for one night.  I already didn’t plan ahead and I’m up way past my old lady bed time.
I really hope you got a good laugh and enjoyed reading this post.  I had a good time reminiscing with these pictures and many more.

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