NaBloPoMo #20: "Very First Friend"

National Blog Post Month

Tell us about your first friend.

My first friend?  That’s easy.  My siblings!  Well, my one sister who is actually nearly 2 years younger.  We did everything together, though it’s not hard to see why.  We were close in age.  My mom was able to buy us big gifts at Christmas, like the kitchen set, and we could share it.  I think we did a good job of that, unlike my two girls who are close in age.  

We had each other to play with day in and day out.  We learned to ride our bikes and I think she was the first to get the hang of it.  We ran from the mean old rooster whenever the chickens escaped the chicken coop.  Mr. Benson would be right on her heels too, as we ran around the yard.  She was not much of an athletic person, she ran quite slow.  Ha!

When we weren’t being chased away by the rooster, we played in Mom’s garden.  Not when she was growing her vegetables!  It was after, when the garden was just dirt.  We would take sticks and trace out blueprints of our “homes” in the dirt and pretend that we lived in them.  We dreamed big and wished we could build  a house out of candy bars. 

Inside, we built forts in our bedroom.  Tried catching mice with our board game “Mouse Trap.”  Maybe they didn’t like the cheese.  We played Barbies til the late hours of the night.  Our Mom bought us a Nintendo, and we played that Mario Brothers game until we beat Koopa in his palace.  What a victory! 

I remember one time at our elementary school, a real mime came to visit us and put on a show.  For a few days after, I played mime with her.  The only thing I could remember is acting like I was stuck in a box.  Just like that mime.  I also remember her stories, which I was so gullible and believed them.  It would make me so mad too!  Ha!

That sister of mine is my first friend.  I love you sis.

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