Hump Day Confessions #5: I Am A Hoarder

Confession:  I am a hoarder.

Before you secretly sign me up for that extreme hoarders show, let me just preface this post by saying:

  1. You can walk into my house with ease
  2.  I only have one cat and she is alive and kicking
  3. There is no questionable stench coming from any area of this house

What I tend to be a hoarder of is crafting stuff.  Anything that I might be able to make something out of, I buy it.  I’m a sucker at yard sales and clearance aisles.  Those candle votives cramping your style?  I’ll take them!  No time for sewing?  Give me that fabric!  Don’t know what to do that puppy?  Thow ‘er in the back seat.

Totally kidding about the animal.  I have 4 children already.

Assorted pretty papers

I never know what I will come home with.  There always seems to be an idea brewing in my mind.  But if it’s a great deal, then I can’t resist – idea or no idea.

As for actual projects, most of my crafty ideas were made out of stuff I bought in advance.  It may have taken a week or it may have taken many years.  I like to imagine that these stickers, and cardboard cutouts, and acrylic paints, and googly eyes, and pretty tags all jumped into a time machine that was actually all scrambled up.  Some of these embellishments just made it into my home years before its actual time.  That’s all.

For the best example, this Thanksgiving project that I started making consisted of Thanksgiving stickers that I bought back in 2002.  (Don’t judge)  And I have had my stuff packed, unpacked and packed over and over and over during this decade as I moved from location to location to location.  Gotta love a military life.  It’s astonishing that these stickers managed to stay with me this entire time.

First of all, it was a major feat for me to actually commit to this project; There’s been heavy flirting for quite a while.  It’s a simple mod-podge on wood project, but of course I turn it into something that needs to be complicated, and I am picky and a perfectionist and everything above.  (See why I take my projects too seriously and never end up committing?)  I mod-podged the graph-patterned paper onto the piece of wood, then embellished with the “decade-and-a-year-or-so-old” Thanksgiving stickers.  I have to stain and sand the sides of exposed wood, then fire up the Cricut for my letters.

Fall Decor – Work In Progress

 And just to show you the other side of the spectrum, I bought these mini pom-poms from Walmart on clearance for $1.00 (how can you pass this up?) and I used them within the week! 

I made this cute garland for my little bird cage! (Much to D’s satisfaction, no birds have been housed in this bird cage)

First time it’s ever been decorated!

Should there ever be a time where my life depended on DIY projects and being crafty, I’m prepared from the top shelf of my closet down to the carpeted floor.  (All that’s needed is inspiration from time to time.) 

Bottom line:  This chick is down to craft!  Can’t promise I won’t add more to the stock pile though.

I suppose it’s a better addiction than gambling.

And that is my confession. 


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