NaBloPoMo Weekend Post

This past weekend was like a rare holiday for me. Saturday, especially. I had the best day ever. I had some me time flying solo, and enjoyed every minute of it.
I ventured onto Craig’s List for the first time ever last week. You know, it really isn’t just for dating. There’s a lot of cool stuff on there! Anyway, I found this beautiful buffet table that had been repainted, and for a decent price it became mine. (I posted this pic on Instagram) I had driven to the the woman’s house mid-week to check it out (and I made it home alive). Since I couldn’t pick it up by myself, I needed D’s help so this morning we went to pick up the newest addition to our dining room.
Red Buffet Table

This purchase stemmed from the news of our upcoming Thanksgiving shindig, that D felt so inclined to host. Love that he’s coming over to the social side, but not loving the level of stress that I have as I prepare to play hostess in the coming week. On the other hand, I am really happy that it resulted in us gaining a buffet table.

That was the start to my day. But the biggest deal was the shopping spree that I was being sent on. JUST for me. Would you believe me if I told you that I hadn’t bought myself clothes in quite some time? Okay don’t count the Kohl’s trips I made for “maternity” gear last year, which consisted of yoga pants and long-sleeve workout shirts. Shopping out of pregnant necessity doesn’t qualify as a typical fun day of retail therapy. Or the times I hurriedly scooped up a couple of shirts or jeans off of the rack as I made a bee line for the kids section.

Well, I woke up mentally prepared for today. D pushed me out of the door after lunch strongly suggested I go and have a good time, without worrying. Why the mental preparation? Truth be told, I am not very good at shopping for myself. I am better shopping for the kids. I’d say D too, but he won’t even let me wash his laundry, let alone do his shopping. Maybe that is a good thing.

What tends to happen is this:
1.) I see what I like and add it to my cart (both virtually and in real life).
2.) Out of nowhere, I start second-guessing the contents of my cart, feeling guilty for thinking of numero uno.
3.) Before I know it, I have nothing to purchase.

My shopping trips are wrecked by guilt. I feel good about the choices in my cart; know I want them, but put it all back on the rack anyway. I have fun shopping, then I leave empty-handed but guilt-free. It’s a shopping disorder. No not really. I feel selfish. It happens every single time.

On this particular day I ignored that nagging feeling and just went for it. I satiated the small part of me that screamed for a new pair of skinny jeans and an infinity scarf. It was so liberating, I claimed 3 new pairs of shoes and some more tops and jeans. I still shopped smartly. I couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for clothes, even if I’m getting full reign over my shopping experience, no guilt attached.

Want to know where I love to shop? TJMaxx, Kohl’s and Target. In that order. Looking over the price tags from TJMaxx, I didn’t buy anything less than 50% off the original price. How do you like them savings?

Where do you shop when you want to splurge a little and feel guilt-free?


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