TGIF & NaBloPoMo #15: "Quiet!!!"

TGIF guys!!!  I just got done telling D that “We made it!”  That’s the spirit, right?  It was a short week too, how could I be that exhausted from this week?  I’m not.  Okay, maybe mentally I am.  I love Fridays.  I love the weekend.  I’m so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that it’s Friday! 

My TGIF Bear

Is anyone doing anything special this weekend?    I’m heading out for some retail therapy – for ME.  It’s about time.  I’ve given so much of my clothes away to Goodwill during my mini purging sessions, that I’m looking in my closet and dresser thinking “What in the world will I wear now???”  Seriously, I didn’t wear half of that stuff.  

It is time.  Momma needs new threads for the holidays.

How do you like my graphic?  It has an eclectic feel doesn’t it?  I took a picture of an actual bear inside a bear exhibit in Tennessee.  He looked right at me!  This picture sort of reminds me of Will Ferrell, in Step-Brothers – that Glamour Shots pose on the cover of the DVD.   

Or maybe I have a twisted sense of recollection…

I knew I needed to use the bear picture for something, but all of my ideas weren’t nearly as cool.  (Think mod-podged bear on coffee mug, or digitally adding him/her to our family photo)  I suppose graphic design isn’t that hard. I made this graphic on my own using fotoflexer and then I uploaded it to imageshack where it generated a URL for it.  I’m still learning, but I think that was a good way to show ownership, right?  Come on techie friends, hook me up with some info!

On to my writing prompt.  What will I be going on about today?

National Blog Post Month

If you could quit one bad habit instantly without difficulty, which would it be?

Since it is movie night tonight, this habit is fitting.  
I have this annoying habit of talking during movies.  I feel like they can hear me say “Don’t go that way, he’s right there!” or “She’s going to leave him.”  I think that I know the outcome of every movie.  Or at least my predictions are pretty close to being accurate.  I don’t commit the unspeakable crime of talking during a movie in the theater.  I have been known to whisper to my movie-going partner from time to time.  I think I actually exclaimed out loud with my best friend (pronounced bes-pren) during “Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.”  Does that truly count as talking if everyone in the theater is doing the same thing?

If I don’t verbally deliver my hypothesis during a movie, then the movie gets the best of me.  Who gets street cred for saying “I KNEW it all along!  He was the perp!” after the credits are rolling?  Nobody, that’s who.  If I could just keep my mouth shut every time, then that would be good for people watching the movie with me.  Ahem, D.  Unless we are all guessing the outcome.  A room full of loud collaboration during the movie!  It’s like that moment in “Mean Girls” where she has diarrhea of the mouth and ugly things come out.  That’s me at home, minus the ugly.  And I always get that look from D.  Like “Do feel better now?”  Why yes, the makers of this movie couldn’t pull one over on me.  To validate, the ending was presented before the ending and you’re very welcome sir.

If this habit went away, I’m sure that D would appreciate this very much during movie night tonight.   

Have a happy Friday!



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