Hump Day Confessions #4: "Guardian Of The Rings"

Welcome to another round of Hump Day Confessions!  Glad you could make it.

Confession:  I am not a ring girl.

I used to love all things jewelry.  My older sister bought me this beautiful ruby class ring for my high school graduation.  It doesn’t look like the conventional boxy class rings, and I loved it.  I bought lots of jewelry with my hard-earned paychecks from my part-time job as well.  At one small teensy point in my life, I recall wearing a ring on almost every one of my fingers.  I thought it was so flashy and cool.  In hindsight, not so much.  

Now, I don’t typically wear jewelry of any kind.  Isn’t it funny how much one person can change over the years?  

I admire the shine off of other people’s jewelry, noting how well it fits their outfits, their style.  And here I am, keeping my jewels away from an admirer’s eye.

Sure, I’ll add embellishments to my attire to dress it up.  I hardly put on the “good stuff.”  I can’t find enough reasons to wear them, especially rings.  My favorite ring is a tungsten carbide men’s ring, if I wear a wedding ring at all. I bought it while my REAL ring was being sized to fit.  I was so happy about being engaged, that I didn’t want to wait to wear a ring, no matter what kind. 

Now, when I wear either one of the rings, my finger gets itchy.  Off it would go, and on would go the itching cream.  I teased D that I was allergic to things symbolic of marriage, and I shouldn’t wear it.  Just the kind of humor we share.  Of course I wasn’t trying to hide my marital status from the world.  I did love my beautiful ring initially, though I decided a tiny tattoo on my ring finger was a good compromise for the itchiness  Problem solved!   

And I have not worn a wedding ring since.  Didn’t want to get paint or stain on it.  In the gym, it was harder to grip the barbell or the pull-up bar, or a kettle bell without pinching.  I didn’t want to scratch any of our babies (when they were babies), when I played with them.  Hated it when my knit gloves got caught on the stone.  It was annoying to take it on and off, which happened often; I didn’t want to lose it.  The list goes on with a million and one tiny reasons to keep my ring in a box.

It’s a running joke between D and I, that he bought me this beautiful and expensive wedding ring but it just sits in a box now.  That I opted for a men’s band that cost a tiny fraction of my wedding ring.  That even the men’s band sits idle on a shelf.  He also does not wear his, so he can’t tease for very long.  I bet if I asked him where his ring is, he wouldn’t have a clue.  And my idea of a ring finger tattoo caught on, because even D wants to get it done.

Today, I am the Guardian of the Rings (similar to LOTR except I rule without a ring.)  It’s safer in the box.  I’m protecting it from the harsh environment, from getting lost, from getting dirty.

Sounds a little ridiculous, but oh well.  Don’t buy me jewelry, especially rings!  Buy me a tool or some new spray paint, or interesting fabric.  I’m pretty laid back and easy-going, see?  

I just don’t do rings.   

And there’s nothing wrong with that.   


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