NaBloPoMo #11: "Out Cold"

Happy Veterans Day!!!
To all of my brothers and sisters who served before me, alongside me, and continue serving today.
Instead of thanking a Veteran, go and do something, anything, to show your gratitude.  Actions speak louder than words.   
Now back to the NaBloPoMo Posting.

 Who out there in the blogosphere enjoys cold weather?  How about snow?  

I do I do!!!  Snow that is.  I feel like there’s no need for cold weather unless snow is the ultimate goal.  And that’s why I dislike winter in eastern North Carolina.

I would absolutely LOVE an opportunity to head for the snowy mountains for a weekend.  More than anything.  I think, but don’t try and call my bluff.  Too bad I don’t foresee this happening anytime soon.  I can dream and imagine though!  And that is where today’s writing prompt comes in.  
If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?  

Too easy.

I love to snowboard.  I’m not really a super star at the sport. I’m…mobile.  I can get on and off the ski lifts alright, though I’ve had some embarrassing moments.  Haven’t we all?   
Yup, there I am!  It’s not Colorado, but it’ll do.
Oddly enough, I had quite a bit of boarding practice in Maryland.  It wasn’t Colorado, which is amazingThere were plenty of snow days in Maryland though.  The nearest “resort” was a little over an hour away.  Last time I went snowboarding (sadly, it was 3 years ago) I figured out how to stay on my dominant side, and not play switch foot all the way down the run. 

I recall two very bad snow storms in both ’09 and ’10, dubbed “Snowmageddon.”  We were literally snowed in and I was afraid the power was going to go out.  

Front door of my rental in Baltimore.  That bad.
Luckily we just had snow dumped on us.  It was the worst sidewalk shoveling experience for me.  I had a cheap shovel…  
Back to “Out Cold.”  I love the camaraderie, the shenanigans, and the free snowboarding that the group gets for working at the ski resort.   Lift tickets can be expensive!

I once imagined owning a ski resort and how cool that would be.  I still think it would be cool.  I’d love that job.  And now, as a certified EMT, I could even work on the runs, making rounds.  My snowboarding skills would have to get better though. 

EMT on a snowboard!  That would be something  The rescue peeps have to be on skis, I think.  I never had an interest in learning how to ski on either water or snow.  Guess I’d be out for the job.

I also imagined what kind of life our kids would live.  Mountain life would be a huge change for us. Nothing but snow.  Nothing but tourists.  If they weren’t interested in outdoor snow sports, I think they would get bored.  I don’t doubt that they would get into it though.  We could start them out young, and turn them into qualifiers for the Olympics!

Still dreaming…

Back to the movie.  I think I would be best friends with Anna.  And I would get the chance to hang with Zach Galifianakis!  I like beer.  Love a good challenge.  Living in one of those quaint little cottage houses would be cool.  I’d get to work on my snowboarding skills.  Nobody would laugh at me for wearing long johns.  All pluses in my book.  It would be 5 days of crazy fun.  

Ahh, one can dream, right?  What a fun writing prompt.  What movie would you choose to be in for 5 days, if you got the opportunity?  And why?

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