NaBloPoMo #10: "Pimp My House For The Holidays"

Back at it again for another day of free writing!
I had every intention of doing a product review on the long-sleeve onesie that I received as a gift from my cousin.  She purchased this onesie on from a company named “Beaus and Bows Boutique.”  But something else took all of my attention today.  Product review to be continued.

My husband D dropped a pretty big bomb on me today:  

“We are going to have people over for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Oh, thanks honey!  It’s the 10th of November, and we are nearly in the red zone.

Having guests for the holidays is not a huge deal.  It’s just that our house is not where we would like it to be, as far as being presentable.  Some walls need minor repair and painting.  Pictures and shelves need to be hung.  More art is needed.  (This is where my handy creativity comes to play)  And the garden beds are quite the eye sore.  Much of the stress is probably a result of our own ideal on being presentable.  I’m sure nobody will care if they saw our walls, or the fact that we don’t have many recent pictures hanging up.  (It’s so hard to commit!)

At any rate, we have things we want to take care of some things.  
So all of those blog postings about DIY decor that I have been skimming through…yeah I’m going to be rereading those real soon… You know that overwhelming feeling when you go from not caring what your house looks like to “Oh Em Gee I need to pimp this house out!”  Okay, maybe I don’t need to go that far, and I’m just being a bit dramatic. But yes, that is where I am now.

And where I have been all afternoon.  I already started some major DIY decor on the cheap.  I spray painted til my hand cramped up.  I sanded and I stained.  I taped.  I Pinterested ideas.  I got halfway through a wreath.  I’m plain tired now.

I went from easy going to high strung in less than 12 hours.  I don’t even have a plan.  

I think a to-do list is in order to gather my thoughts.

What about you?  Are you feeling that sudden onset of holiday anxiety yet?  Or did you start planning earlier than today?   

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