NaBloPoMo #9: "Saturday Adventures"

Free writing day!!!  Whoohoo!!!

Happy Saturday!  I planned and did exactly what I wanted to do.  I spent the morning with the kids and we went on an adventure!  If you consider dragging them with me while we drove all around town looking for treasures as an adventure, it was!  I have been wanting to do that for some time now.  I never had the courage to take all 4 of them into a store filled with antiques.  Wall to wall coverage of things that cost a pretty penny to replace.  Things I would have to pay for should one of them knock something over.


I came across some great finds.  In my mental rolodex of ideas, not one of them fit the bill.  I have this rule that I really try hard to follow.  I try my very best to only bring home things I know I will
1) have a home for
2) have a use for
3) have an active idea for it in my DIY bucket list
So no, those items are still sitting in the store.  I couldn’t justify bringing home those black wrought iron keys, or that old broken pocket watch with arrow, or those old wooden crates (just yet).

I settled for this old galvanized skeleton key, and got the girls their own keys too.  (I’m sure they will be lost by the end of the night)  I do have an idea for the key.  Not one I’m ready to share yet, so you’ll just have to wait for the post.

I’m excitedly awaiting D’s arrival home.  We all are.  The girls woke up at 6-something to check if he had come in.  I guess they didn’t get the memo when I told them 13 times yesterday that he would be home in the evening.  But 6 in the morning?  On a Saturday?  Really???  I was hoping that my ears were deceiving me as I overheard them formulate a plan to wake me up for “lunch.”  I was really reaching when I thought to myself “I hope that S is not really standing at my bedside in real life, and my eyes are seeing things in this early morning light.”  With L asleep next to me I was cringing, thinking she would wake him up.  Crisis averted.  Though I wish I could have stayed asleep with him.

During the making of my morning, M was not bothered one bit as she slumbered.

Now I’m desperately trying to forge dinner out of the boneless short beef ribs (did I get that right?) that I thawed out.  I hate when I take something out of the freezer and have no freaking idea what I am going to make with it.  I just know it needs to be used soon. 

Nothing BBQ sauce can’t fix, right?  Right.  So it shall be.

[Now past dinner time, it turned out fine.  As much as I could taste, anyway, as I wolfed it down with a fussy baby in my lap]

Time to catch up on my shows now.  “Hart of Dixie” and “Super Fun Night.”

Minimal brain power required.


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