NaBloPoMo #6: "Please Don’t Rock The Boat"

I must say that this National Blog Post Month challenge has me wiped out.  I have posted a post every day for the last 5 days and I’m finding it difficult to write a post about anything else!  Ugh.  I could blame part of my lack of energy and true inspiration on Baby L.  He has been sick and of course it has finally gotten past my own immune defense system.  I’m fighting it off with a remedy that I think is only working in my head: One grapefruit in the morning.  Cough drops, tea, and water throughout the day.  Juice after dinner. (Not the kind of juice you’re thinking.)  This one consists of vegetables and fruits like kale, carrots, spinach, apples, oranges, et cetera, made in my juicer.

I have had all afternoon to think about this writing prompt for today’s post.  Mainly because yesterday I had the wrong writing prompt in my head, and didn’t realize it until this afternoon. So much for mentally preparing and making notes ahead of time. 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Let’s see.  What would I change about myself?  I don’t want to be superficial and write “dye my gray sprinklings” or “get a foot size reduction.”  Though if a smaller shoe size were possible…

So here is to a non-superficial response.

I would really love to do away with motion sickness.  No more getting sea sick, car sick, plane sick, anything sick.  Life would be excellent if I could ride on a boat and not hurl all over the bow.  (True story, involving a red type of juice and a Coast Guard cutter)  I’d love to be able to read a map, or even stare at my iPhone in a moving car.  No more pep talks with myself before I get on an elevator, or a moving walkway. Plane rides would be interesting, maybe even fun, if I didn’t buckle up, shut down, and force myself to fall asleep during take-off. 

Change me, but do it now; not 10 years earlier.  I took a very different journey that I probably would not have taken without this minor but bothersome obstacle in life.  I look around and think “Had I been without motion sickness, I would not be here in this house, with these children, in this marriage, in this field…”  You get how the butterfly effect works.  If I could do away with motion sickness I would, but in the same sense I am grateful for where I am because of it.

This ailment isn’t serious, from a medical standpoint.  (Except that one time on the cutter)  I don’t vomit every single time I ride an elevator or in car.  The most that happens is I get nauseous, a terrible headache, and some sort of cranky.  I get hot, I sweat.  That yuck feeling balls up in the pit of my stomach.  I don’t want to talk, I want to be rude and shut my eyes, blocking everything out.  I want cool wind on my face and I want to try to sleep til I’m there.  Wherever there is.  

Could you imagine my happiness if I didn’t have to trick my mind and feign sleep and relaxation?  There would be that much more in life for me to enjoy.  

What about you?  Do you suffer from motion sickness?  Any funny or embarrassing stories you care to share?



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