Hump Day Confessions #3: "Treasure-Hunting"

Welcome to Hump Day Confessions, where I confess something unique about myself to my readers!

Confession:  I can’t help myself to a thrifty find.

When I see an opportunity to find something amazing, I stop and I look.  (Barring children and husband approval)  We call it “treasure-hunting,” some call it looking through junk.  But it’s something about that one find amidst everything else that really gets me excited.  I enjoy taking a piece of unloved treasure and trying to give it a new home, a new look, a new use.   

See?  This tray makes an excellent chalkboard/magnetic board with some fresh paint.
Right now, I am super excited with the newest find!!!!

This morning, I thought it was just going to be another day.  I was running errands, heading to Sam’s to return a busted up can and a box of Oxo typperware.  Apparently, I drove all the way there for no reason. UGH!!!  Well, the can was a good reason:

Ewe, how could you Sam’s?
 But it turns out the Oxo box was not missing any of the pieces, they just packed it funny.   
Can’t wait to use these!

On my way to Sam’s, I passed this small thrift store.  I catch myself checking out the items sitting outside whenever I drive by.  Today was no different, except something caught my eye.  Sandwiched in a long line of items in front of the store, I saw this old wooden cart.  I HAD to check it out.  Is it what I thought I saw?  In a split second I had flipped a B U-turn and pulled into their lot.  Turns out it is EXACTLY what I thought I saw!  It was probably used as a small mobile potting table/cart in another lifetime, except I’m imagining this as an indoor piece.  I talked the lady into giving it to me for $25.  Not really sure if I made out with a steal, considering it’s current state, but I’ll let you be the judge.
The wooden cart

Isn’t it cute?  I think it has lots of potential.  I cannot get started fast enough.  I have never restored anything before, but I think this will be fun and rewarding.  A little time-consuming, since I’ll be learning along the way.  I’m just thrilled with this “gem-in-a-stack” find!!!  Or at least by the time I’m finished, it will be a gem.
You can pull it apart in the middle, as shown.
Hooks for garden tools, or…so many possibilities!
It folds down to this for storage.
Was it a steal for $25 or should I have kept on driving?  

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