NaBloPoMo #5 “On the Floor Or In The Bed”

(You thought it was going to be a juicy post)

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Oh, I’m imagining all of the places I’d absolutely LOVE to write blog posts.  The beach, at sunrise or sunset.  A cabin in the mountains.  At a cafe in France.  In my dream home office.

Until I get to my bucket list, I will continue writing on the floor of the playroom.  Or on my iPad in bed. (love the Evernote App) Or secluded to one section of our couch. (I seem to have worn in the cushion) 

The floor is ideal when L is awake and wanting to play.  I get down on his level and we play with his baby toys.  I make all kinds of strange noises that he seems to think are hilarious.  All in the same raspberry, I entertain him and create the skeleton form of my posts.  No post is ever completed while I’m busy with him on the floor entertained.  He doesn’t allow it.  He loves his momma so much, he practically begs me to pick him up and cuddle with him.  And I do!

I’ve written a few posts in bed.  Actually, I use this method to help me wind down, organize my thoughts, make a list or two.  I get an idea of what I need to further complete when I wake up around 5-6.  Usually it’s a workout, but let’s face the dirty truth: I haven’t worked out in over a month.    Unless you count lifting this 22-pounder and toting him around the house, I am ashamed.  I temporarily dedicated the early morning hours to adding the final touches to blog posts before I post them that same day.  This must be some sort of self-flagellation for putting my fitness on the backburner: you must wake up early and blog!  Ha-ha.  It is only until I figure out a good blogging schedule.  At this point, I do it when I can and I try my best to meet deadlines.  Day 5 and I’m good so far. 

The most prominent location for me to blog is on the couch, with my trusty wooden TV tray.  Somehow, I managed to leave a box of envelopes needing to be mailed (love sending snail mail) on this TV tray for practically two months.  I’m sorry family and friends.  It’s some miracle that I managed to fit my laptop and this pile on here without ever having either of them fall off.  Until today…  Anyway, we have this comfortable sectional that was bought several years ago,  when we lived in a row home in Baltimore.  I remember the day I had it delivered.  It did not fit through the skinny front doorway!  I never measured because I didn’t think it would matter.  Seriously, isn’t all furniture made to fit into standard doorways? Key word: standard.  The leather has a Baltimore scar on it, from when my friend Larry and this homeless man literally shoving it through.  This couch has been through many spills, forts, accidents, and postpartum slumbers.  And now it’s supported me through many of my blog posts, literally.  Whenever I sit in my little alcove on the couch though, it seems to attract everyone aside from the antisocial cat.  The kids start climbing all over, inching their way towards me.  Fighting over who gets to sit next to me, behind me, practically on me.  I end up fighting for my cushion, my elbow space and my sanity.

Ha-ha, isn’t having kids great?


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