NaBloPoMo #3: "Shopping In The Red Zone"

Another day of “free writing” for the National Blog Post Month”.  Whoohoo!   

I went to Lowe’s today.  My all-time favorite store.  And I’m not shocked to announce that Christmas has happened!  The trees are all up on display.  Holiday decorations are on the shelf.  I’m getting excited!!!

Isn’t it funny how the entire month of October is spent getting ready for Halloween?  And then as soon as November 1st hits – BAM!  Christmas trees and lights and wreaths and bows.  The first day of November all the way up to Christmas Eve is dedicated to Christmas.  Some people even start as far back as July, with their Christmas shopping.    What can I say, I don’t like to spend those last few weeks scurrying around town for gifts.

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.  I’m not in the red zone, therefore I can say that now.  “What’s a red zone” you ask?  It’s the last 20 yard lines on either side before the goal lines.  I equate that to the last 20 days before Christmas.

Whenever I find myself 20 days to Christmas, it’s officially crunch time.  Right now, with the beginning of November, I’m feeling pretty optimistic!  I have plenty of time to plan for store-bought gifts, homemade gifts, shipping, etc.   I plan on making my gifts.  That’s right!  All homemade.  Well, most of them.  I’m feeling good about this.  Lots of ideas churning around in my head. 

My family holiday card is going to be awesome this year too!  I’m so excited to make them.  I try to do photo collages or one really good picture of the family every year.  Or at least one where everyone is looking in the general direction of the camera.  This year I’m choosing a collage, because I have the best idea ever!  I’d probably jinx myself if I disclose my idea right now.  Just like any year, the red zone will creep up on me and then I’ll have to change my family photo idea.  For now, mum’s the word.

What about you?  Did you start your holiday planning for Christmas?  How about Thanksgiving?  What date does your “Red Zone” begin?


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