NaBloPoMo #2: "Shopping With Children"

Oh shoot…I misread the directions.  What can I say… I thought “free day to write” meant “if you feel like writing, then go on.”  Time to make up!  

I think my Saturday makes for an interesting Mom Story.  

I had some grocery shopping to do.  With all four children.  I thought going to Sam’s would have been a change of scenery for the girls.  Wrong.  I thought maybe they would behave, enjoy the super-sized double-seater cart, cheap pizza, and all of the samples that “the food people” give away on Saturdays.  Wrong again.  

M is leading the way, with S and A close on her heels.  They are running the aisles like they’re on some kind of runway.  S and A are sitting on every box and drumming away like they’re playing in a death metal band.  Then there’s the shrieking singing.  A dirty diaper needing to be changed.  Then it’s lunch time.  Pizza is too hot; they’re fighting over excess cheese.  Once it’s run off onto the plate, is it a free-for-all?  Baby L needs to be fed, but where to go…Sure the employment center looks ideal, so I take a seat on the most comfortable folding chair ever.  I slipped out of the nursing cover, sure hope those two young fellas didn’t get a sneak peek. 

Paying a sitter for a few hours would be worthwhile and logical.  But for me, shopping has become a personal challenge.  How long will it take me to get to the check-out line this time?  Ha-ha!  I think motherhood has made me a little insane.

Do you shop with your kids?  Are they well-behaved, and what are your tricks?!


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