Mystery Project Revealed: “Keep Calm & Make A List” Wall Mount

TGIF!!!  We made it, didn’t we?  I am quite relieved that I made it through this week.  Heck, I’m relieved that I made it through last night, with L.  Talk about a rough night.  Or rather, an early start to my Friday!  Poor boy was not happy.  He finally fell asleep around 5.  He actually stayed asleep longer than 30 minutes.  And (during the writing of this post) he is still sleeping.  Here’s my sigh of relief as I try to focus my squinting sleepy eyes on this post.  Please let the weekend begin!
My sister’s birthday was on the 29th, if you have been following my posts, and I really wanted to make her a gift.  I took on this project for her birthday, and I knew it was going to be the greatest project ever (in all my DIY history) when I finished it.  Now that her birthday is 3 days passed, it is now late.  And I hate sending mail late.  At least it will be on her doorstep tomorrow, fingers crossed!

As my treat to you, I am going to show you what I have been sweating and singing and swearing about all week.  (Can you tell it was a rollercoaster of emotions?)  I am super proud of my creation.  A small bit of inspiration came from someone else, which you will see below.  I thought about what might make this project a little more useful if it were in my home, and I added my own creativity.  Here is how it turned out:

List Paper & Pinning Board Wall Mount
Do you love it??!
Admittedly, I’m not an expert at building things.  One day last week, I just decided to go for it.  You have to start somewhere to get experience.  And I like to learn, especially with these kinds of projects.  This took me literally 6 days to complete, from stain to final nail.  Can you blame me?  I was A) winging it, and B) working around feedings and naps and play times and other motherly duties.  I knew that this project was going to be great because I envisioned it that way.  Optimist at heart.  I was going to pull creativity out of my magical tool box and make it rain all over this piece of wood.  Why not?  It looked simple in the picture.  Painting or staining, gluing flowers some embellishments to the top… Done!  Attach that roll of paper… Easy! 


I thought it would be a simple project.  But when I tried to do more research, get a list of materials needed, instructions to begin, the link didn’t work!  I won’t lie, I was a little discouraged.  A bad link?  Ugh.  I would be without instructions!  Before I deleted the pin, as I usually do with bad links, I decided this was too good of an idea to throw away.  I just needed to be inventive.  I studied this pin and kept closing it.  Seriously, I was obsessive.  I wasn’t willing to give up.  I even got my husband in on the planning process.  Some of you readers out there may think “Oh I know exactly how to attach that roll of paper” and that’s great!  Remind me to give you a cookie later, after I shake you down for your ideas.  🙂  It was a puzzle to solve.  I used my brain til it hurt.  I used my life line and called up my best friend.  Didn’t matter that I had little experience.  I could see it being put together differently.  It couldn’t be that difficult for me to recreate. 

This project has given me the most joy out of all DIY projects I’ve completed, as well as waves of frustration.  There was some swearing.  Definitely some sweating.  Lots of time went into this, and I hope my creativity shines through.  I am so very proud of this baby.  I will definitely be making more of these.

What do you think?  Would you hang this on your wall?  Would it be something you’d be interested in learning how to make?  Would you gift this?  Now that I have this project down, it won’t take me as long to complete the next one.  Maybe I will have added a new tool to my collection! 

***I will be back with a sequel to this post, to include a step-by-step tutorial, along with how thrifty I was in creating this.  You won’t believe it! 


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