Hump Day Confessions #2: I’m Afraid Of…

Confession:  I am afraid of zombies.

Yes, I know they aren’t real. No, I am not really planning for an actual zombie apocalypse. 

Zombie movies affect me in ways that other scary/thriller movies don’t. It’s not the blood and gore, but the idea that a “zombie” pandemic is survivable. If your survival instincts kick in. It’s “fight or flight” mode. Only the strong (both mentally and physically) survive. This could happen during a world-wide pandemic or any kind of impending doom. The “what if?” question could be a potential question in real life, according to zombie enthusiasts. Everyone in the room or theater is thinking the same thing during the movie: “How would my family and I survive?” Then you would strategically map out a route to your hide out. An old bunker in the mountains would be superb. Is there an armory on the way that we could hit for weapons and munition? Would we allow outsiders into the group? Who would lead us? Grab the food staples and any medicines along the way. Don’t forget the can opener! 

Tell me I’m wrong, and you didn’t just revisit your zombie attack survival plan. 

Not all zombie movies are alike. I used to love the old “Dawn of the Dead” where the group was safely locked up in the mall. Then the new one came out and made my fears worse because zombies had the physical ability TO RUN. And they had complex thought processes, to formulate plans. Yeah. I just got shivers on my arm. Then “28 Days”, with its sequel. But my all time new favorite zombie movie is “World War Z.” If you have never experienced the best zombie movie out there, go now and do yourself a favor. Definitely one to add to your home collection. 

And “The Walking Dead” is such an awesome show. Netflix did me no favors there, by offering Seasons 1, 2, and 3. [I’m told you can watch current episodes on AMC on your laptop AS the show is playing on TV!]  I burned through Season 3 in literally 4 days. What a bum. The show is kind of like a blog: the story just keeps unfolding. That’s why I like it so much! I was at the edge of my seat for every episode. My imagination ran wild. I sat there and analyzed their various predicaments, sometimes talking to the TV. “Walkers” are nowhere close to being a real threat but I like to imagine what I would do differently. I’m totally consumed with the planning process, but surely not enough to buy an underground bunker for the mountain escape. 

You may be wondering “why does she put herself through the torture of being scared?” It’s fun to pretend sometimes. I feel like as an adult, there is little time to let my mind wander, be free from the normal thoughts and mental notes buzzing around up there on a daily basis. There’s always something to check off of my to-do list. Entertaining one’s mind is essential. Zombie movies aren’t the only types of entertainment that I choose. But that’s for a later post. 🙂

It’s entertaining to put yourself in that position and think of all the possible ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. What would your master plan be if there ever were a zombie apocalypse? Where would you move for safety, or would you? And what key items would you gather?


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