Mystery Project Excitement + Birthday Shout-Out + Trip Down Memory Lane

Happy Tuesday!  Wait – Tuesday?!  I feel so out of it.  This tends to happen when the husband is called away on business.  Lonely, I am so lonely…only I’m not!  I have 4 other people in this household.  It just feels like I’m alone because I am taking care of this household by myself with no reprieve.  No real mommy time.  If you count sleeping, then I suppose I can’t complain.   

I’m working on this super awesome project and I’m about 85% of the way there.  Still trying to figure out how I calculated that…  This is probably why I’m feeling a little off, though no complaints here.  I’ve been at it all weekend and now going on day 5.  It’s so hard to schedule my project times.  I try to do it in between naps and hubby’s workouts and meals.  Don’t get me started on my justification for not working out.  Lots of obstacles get in the way of my craftiness.  

So here is the start of my morning:  M, she’s 10, made it off to school, barely making her bus.  Little did she realize, she left her boots up in Virginia when we were there two weeks ago.    L, the baby, is sleeping right next to me on the couch.  Tsk-tsk!  I am not too worried as I sit next to him and watch him.  A, she’s the youngest daughter, at age 2, is finally appearing after her 15-minute crying-over-nothing session.  She is sitting at the table eating her oatmeal.  S claims to be done eating.  She’s the 4-year-old.  I figured I’d introduce you all to our little team here so you know how I will begin to refer to them in future posts. 

Two out of four kids happen to be sick too.  Poor A.  We have so many medicines at our disposal (thanks to couponing) but she’s too young to have any.  And M.  She’s old enough to have it all, so thankfully we can appease her and her symptoms.  She understands.

They are busy at the moment whether it’s napping or eating, and I’m trying to figure out a schedule for finishing my project.  So far, I have stained, protected, sanded, nailed, printed, and glued.  I need to drill (noisy) and attach next.  Shouldn’t be much longer until this ships out.  Yaaaaaaay!!!  Can you tell I am excited?

Did I mention that today is my older sister’s birthday?!!  Happy Birthday sis!!  I’m making/building this for her.  She is in total suspense, waiting for this to arrive on the weekend.  I felt bad because I had planned on having this done by now.  But it will be worth the wait.  Do I have you in suspense too?  Good!  I can’t wait to post pictures.

Do you know what else is important about today?  Today marks the day 12 years ago where I shipped out for military boot camp.  I was heading to the Cleveland MEPS Center with my family, nervous and scared out of my mind.   I had never been out on my own.  Never lived anywhere but home.  I was so young and impressionable and naive.  Granted, I was 19-years-old.  I honestly had NO idea what I was getting myself into.  I was going to be in awesome shape and I’d get to live somewhere other than home for the next 8 weeks.  Piece of cake, right?  HA!  In that MEPS center, I had more thoughts running through my mind other than working on my fitness and experiencing a new environment.  I was so nervous because I was one out of three recruits representing the Coast Guard, though they were going into the Reserves.  So, I was a one-woman wolf pack making my way through the admin lines and waiting rooms and exam rooms.  Nobody to relate with.  I was alone.  I paid no mind to the more popular branches at the MEPS filling up with recruits.  The recruiters from the other branches poked fun at me.  Water off my back.  I didn’t realize there was such rivalry amongst the sister branches.  It was like living in my house growing up, except I didn’t understand anything about the military.  Military jargon went over my head, so of course their playful verbal attacks made no sense to me.  It would have been helpful at the time if someone could have given me an “Idiot’s Guide to Joining the Coast Guard.”  (A neighbor’s daughter sort of scared me out of joining the Navy)  I probably would have had a better come back when the recruiters asked why I chose the Coast Guard.  Because I want to be a Puddle Pirate.  I had no good answer, aside from saying “Because I chose to.”  Nothing like being put on the spot and not knowing why, other than admitting I didn’t want to travel far from home.  They talked combat, and tried to hype these recruits up.  After all, it was about a month and a half after the September 11 attacks.  But they looked at me and made comments like “Well, at least not for you” or “Except you won’t see any combat.”    Eh.  I was ready to take the oath.  The commitment was important to me.  The imminence of war was not enough to deter me.  I still have a picture of my mom and I right after I took the oath.  I really need to frame that.  I’m glad I made the decision to serve, proud to have done 8 & 1/2 years.  Joining the military turned out to be one of the biggest most life-changing decisions I’ve made.  

Anyway, back to 2013.  I don’t mean to dismiss the importance of my time in the military, but I could seriously go on and on with my stories and experiences.  I’m a patriotic sap; the equivalent of a hopeless romantic.  I have been known to get teary-eyed during the playing of the National Anthem.  What can I say?

It’s project time!  I’m taking these little ones outside with me to solve the problem of working around their activities.  I am a one-woman wolf pack once again, so I have to do what is necessary.  I declare “Play time outside!”  Stick around to see what I made.  Project finale post coming real soon!



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