How Do You Cheat?

What day is it?  Friday night moooovie niiiight!  That’s our usual chant on Fridays, to get the girls psyched about Friday.  It’s really how we get through the week. 

“Do you want a movie night?  Then you better behave”  -on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

On Friday nights, we usually have pizza.  Either semi-homemade or store-bought.  I prefer semi-homemade because I absolutely love the sauce recipe from which I dare not stray.  Check it out here.

Something else we do on Friday night is cheat. We allow a night to stray, not from one another but from our healthy eating habits.  It means we can have whatever we want and however much we want, but ONLY on Fridays.  Gluttonous pigs!  I was told I don’t cheat very well, and I should pick something better to cheat with.  Ha-ha!  So what did I buy today!?


White Candy Corn M&Ms!  I had these last weekend at my bespren’s (I’m Asian, we pronounce it dipperent) Halloween party.  Best Halloween Bash Ever!!!  Anyway, in no other place or time or even parallel universe will you ever hear me say the words “candy corn” and sound excited about it.  I despise the hard waxy cone-ish candy.  If there were a nuclear fall-out followed by a zombie apocalypse in the end, it would be Twinkies and Candy Corn sharing a shelf, as edible as they were fresh out of the factory on Day 1.  If I were scavenging for food, I may use the bag of Candy Corn to concuss a zombie.  Don’t think they can be concussed…?  Nope.  Goes without saying, I won’t eat Candy Corn.
With that said, I will willingly go out and grab a bag of these M&Ms, fighting off zombies with my bag of wax Candy Corn the whole time.  Because Zombies are scary.  These M&Ms would be worth the trouble.  Candy Corn lovers, be warned: they taste nothing like Candy Corn.  They taste good.

So what about you?  Do you have a go-to sweet for cheat day?  Do you like candy corn?


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