Hump Day Confessions

CONFESSION:  I spend too much time browsing at Lowe’s when I only go in for light bulbs.
Direct supervision is needed, to keep me on track.  Distractions work too though my little ones aren’t enough.  I can feed those distractions a snack and they will be fine for a few more minutes while I browse. 
Just a few more minutes, kids!

So sad.

Since I am on Pinterest a lot, my bucket list has grown exponentially.  I try to be realistic and only pin things that are right up my alley, experience-wise.  So far, I’ve added simple sewing tutorials, painting DIYs, and some wood-working projects that only require a tool or two.  Unfinished Pinterest-inspired projects will be the reason Big D reclaims the shed.  I am a hoarder of unfinished projects.  Sometimes I have a hard time going from Point A to Finished.  Time, kids, DIY allowance…these things can slow my creativity and squash my motivation.
It’s not me, it’s my environment!
Alas, that mental bucket list creeps to the forefront of my already-scattered brain whenever I cross the threshold.  I go from zero to infinite possibilities in a matter of steps.  What a transformation. 
(If only I looked at my house and all of those chores that need to be done, and had such a “go-getter” attitude.) 

Price-check that Dremel.  Look at wood.  I can really build that shelf.  I know I have something that can use this pretty spray paint.
It’s hard to focus when half my mind is mentally preparing to go home with some new oops! paint or another pack of panel nails.  Even worse is when I bring my coffee to the store with me.  It’s crazy how many caffeine-induced ideas I’ve come up with.  Aisle by aisle I’d go, buzzing with ambition and creativity.  

The good thing (for my wallet) is that I typically stick to small project materials if I buy anything at all.  My original plan, before sweeping into the store like a project-hungry maniac, was destined for change anyway.  I love when a project idea comes to fruition, but most of the time I’m leaving with “potentials”.  

And of course those light bulbs we have been needing for quite some time now.
Here are some photos I took of some potential stocking stuffers and gifts for those handy DIY-ers and such.  I think I could find a few uses for a hack saw set… 

 IMG_7990 IMG_7991 IMG_7992
 IMG_7993 IMG_7989
What about you?  Do you have a Hump Day confession?

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