Shout Out: I <3 "The Graphics Fairy" & "Shabby Blogs"

Oh the things you will learn!
I experienced a break-through today.  I recently learned:
A) That one can design her own blog header
B)  How to design my header 

Learning is something that happens every day for me, in the blogger’s world.  Not only did I learn it was possible, but I found a tutorial that made it possible for me.  Today, I am winning!
For my brand-spanking new header, I used Shabby Blogs  and I love it!  I tried using one of her tutorials to make my own header.  It wasn’t a complete fail, it just didn’t work for me.  I’m not very savvy in the digital editing/design realm.  It very well could be that I was doing it wrong.  A mouse just doesn’t work when you try to use the “scissors” option.  Guess I need to buy one of those digital scrap-booking kits and test it out to see all of the fancy options. 

For the girl graphic in my header, I used a graphic off of The Graphics Fairy.  I have been to this website quite a few times, with every intention of using one of her graphics.  What usually happens is I spend nearly 45 minutes just browsing.  There is SO MUCH to look at on the website!  I have quite a few projects planned for some of the printables, though I haven’t gotten around to actually making anything yet.  One day! 

I’m really off track here.  I’m not a guru on blog building, and coming across Shabby Blogs made my blog look ten times better.  Her tutorials really helped me.  I may come back for more help.  And The Graphics Fairy is definitely a website to follow.  Did I mention there are TONS of graphics for crafts?  There’s also tutorials on how to DIY.  To Karen at The Graphics Fairy: Consider it “bucket-listed”!  

Thanks again to Shabby Blogs and The Graphics Fairy !   


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