Tomato Soup & Cheese Fondue

Chauffeur duty in the evenings tends to put a damper on dinner plans.  Sure, it’s easy to order take-out.  It’s even better and guilt-free when I have had time to plan and dinner just needs to be served when we get back home.  Hey, I can’t be perfect every day; it’s tiring.  Ha-ha…

So why not something easy?  Funny thing is this happened to be a mistake.  I was not prepared for a heavier meal.  It was later than expected.  Dinner was near-miss.  I wanted to throw my hands up and cry.  It’s not like me to shuffle about in the kitchen with no idea what to cook. 

Big D agreed that tomato soup and grilled cheese sounded pretty good for a quick fix.  Because I am a difficult person to live with like to take experimentation by the horns (I get wild ideas in my head at the last second) I needed to make the fondue right then and there.  There was no other option.  The idea train rolled into the station and I was already on board.  

Tomato soup and cheese fondue with french bread it was!

I came across an easy fondue recipe for a first-timer on – Parmesan Cheese Fondue.  I took the advice from the originator and tested it out by adding (my choice) Gruyere cheese.  It was very flavorful.  Note to self: It definitely did not need the pinch of salt that I added.  I had planned on using the cheeses for the weekend, when I generally have more time to experiment in my laboratory.  Ha-ha!  The cheese didn’t make it though, as it was called to duty for this fondue.      

Tomato Soup with Gruyere Cheese Fondue -served on fine China 🙂

If you make fondue at home, or have never made fondue, it is typically cooked and served in a fondue vessel, with a flame underneath.  There are also extra ingredients that are added, like white cooking wine.  Because I lacked the white wine and time to pull out my fondue set, my cheese fondue was not the same fluid consistency as the fondue at The Melting Pot.  There are plenty of recipes out there if you’re planning to make a true fondue, or an appetizer to impress your guests.  This one worked for an impromptu dinner.

Overall, this was a brilliant quick-fix dinner.  We LOVE tomato soup and grilled cheese dinners.  This beat out grilled cheese and was a huge hit.  It was very kid-friendly, because they got to eat with their fingers.  Though I will cherish my grilled cheeses forever, I welcome the day we have another tomato soup and cheese fondue lunch or dinner.


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